5 times Kriti Sanon motivated us to hydrate our lips

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By simran verma

april 9, 2024

Kriti Sanon has been seen nourishing her lips during events, her shoots and on on her socials.

Shortly after these paparazzi spottings, she launched her beauty & skincare brand called Let's Hyphen. 

What started with just a lipscreen, now has a range of different products from serums, to sunscreens, toner and night creams and what not. When the beauty herself endorses her brand, one can expect what the hype about the product would be!

Here are times when Kriti Sanon motivated us to grab the chapstick that's been sitting in one corner of our drawer. 

Proudly endorsing the lip balm cum sunscreen for your lips

And during the shoot of her latest movie "Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya" 

This is when she reminded us to take night-time skincare seriously!

And this is during a flight. When oxygen levels are comparatively lower, your skin and your lips need an extra dose of hydration. 

At home, or at any occasion, Kriti Sanon proves that apart from diamonds, a lip balm is a girl's best friend 

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