Being Bhuvan- Meet The Richest Youtuber Of India 

By Simran Verma

March 29, 2024

Social Media is a bit tricky but the key is in patience. I know it's easier said than done, but I have been patient for 6 years and I never gave up. 

- Bhuvan Bam

We all know the comedy star, Bhuvan Bam through his most famous youtube channel, BB Ki vines. 

His channel depicts the life of a typical teenager and this depiction has been loved by over 16 million people who can easily draw a parallel with their life to that of Bhuvan's. 

“Before starting my YouTube career, I used to play music at a restaurant. YouTube was never a part of my plan. One day, I was checking the video quality of my phone when I saw the news on TV about floods in India. One reporter asked a lady how she felt on having lost her son, in the floods. This was naturally the wrong question to ask. Miffed, I made a satirical video on it and uploaded it online. That is how I took baby steps into the YouTube world”

- Bhuvan Bam

Humble beginnings, and a lot patience later, Bhuvam Bam is one of the

Richest Youtubers Of India

His estimated net worth is Rs. 3 Crores.

After making a string of successful digital outings  with his down-to-earth charm, and very relatable mimicry skills, Bhuvam bam is now a familiar name in every household

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