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Desi Wrestler Who Influenced Millions Of People To Get Healthy The Desi Way

By Simran Verma

April 2, 2024

Meet Ankit Baiyanpuria

Rooted in strength, both mental & physical, this is the person who today's generation chose to be their influencer. 

He gained massive fame because of his candid nature of conversations. No decorations, no-nonsense, just pure honesty and grit. 

He hails from Sonipat, Haryana and is a wrestler by profession. His ardent love for traditional and indigenous workout methods along with the "75- day hard challenge are the reasons he rose to success. 

He is strongly rooted in Hinduism, a firm believer of Bhagwad Gita and would never miss a chance to brag his Haryanvi ways.. 

He was also a part of PM Modi's Swacch Bharat Drive, a day before Gandi Jayanti. It was a blend of fitness,  cleanliness and well- being as the PM would say! 

PM Modi shook hands with Ankit Baiyanpuria in his signature style saying "Ram Ram Sareya Ne" . 

with 8 million followers on Instagram, and 3.89 million subscribers on Youtube, Ankit Baiyanpuriya's success has been no cakewalk. 

While hurdles were plenty, Ankit relied on his mental strength which he says comes through spiriituality. 

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