From rags to riches- The story of kapil sharma's success


By simran verma

april 3, 2024

Stand-up comedian, Kapil Sharma has changed the comedy and entertainment industry's landscape like no other before. He has been a great success and is only ascending as we speak. 

However, his journey to stardom has not been a bed of roses for him. He has had his part of adversities and challenges while he rose to this position. 

The comedy star comes from a lower middle-class family in Amritsar, Punjab, where his father worked as a head constable in the police department and his mother was a homemaker. 

His father was diagnosed with cancer in 1997, while Kapil was still in the last year of college. His father passed away in 2004 which led to a tough financial time for the family. For Kapil, his father's liveliness and sense of humour had always been inspiring.

Commercial arts, Computer Science,  Theatre and teaching later,came histrionics- Kapil used to do dramatic performances for his students and ever since, he had been wanting to get into "Laughter Challenge"  

Many auditions and challenges later, he was declared the winner of Laughter Challenge 2007 and rest is history. 

That was just the beginning of his many successes; television host, actor, dubbing artist, producer and singer- there's only so many feathers you can count on his hat. 

After vowing Indians with his ready wit and humour for over a decade now, Kapil Sharma is now on Netflix with his latest talk show, The Great Indian Kapil Show.