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By simran verma

april 16, 2024

2024 is all about effortlessness, embracing the natural, minimal looks. Are you ready to read about the biggest hair trends in 2024? Let's start!

Embracing real


In 2024, people are embracing their natural hair colours, circling back to the basics, embracing the beauty of their natural shades and textures. 

Darker colours


Even light haired girls are switching to darker colours for a more warm (natural- looking) tone.  Bleaching your hair to get lighter colours dyed is so passé, girls!

Slick & Sleek for the win


Ever since the Clean- Girl Trend of 2023, sleek buns and ponytails are a go- go! It suddenly polishes your look to a more sophisticated version of it. 

Shaggy fringe


The famous curtain bangs mixed with a touch of Princess Diana's iconic bob, this trend offers a perfect balance for those seeking a nostalgic 80's vibe without fully committing to a bob.

Baby Bangs


For the daring beauties out there, and curly haired girls who want to have little pieces of hair to create an effortless look, baby bangs is your cut!

Hair Bows


Think Cute bow scrunchies/ headscarfs tied around your ponytail! A statement accessory that doesn't really need much effort. A win-win! 

Angular Bob


Chic & strong are the two words that come to our minds when we see a woman sporting an Angular bob. The asymmetric cut frames your face in just the right way and elongates your neck 

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