Kareena Kapoor Spills Her Beauty Secrets- Apart From Good Genes 

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By simran verma

april 2, 2024

We're all no strangers to Kareena Kapoor's effortless beauty and nor to her amazing genes. But there's more to her beauty than just that. Everything including your skin requires maintenance. Here are some tips she swears by: 

Almond Oil


Kareena Kapoor gives herself a facial massage Almond oil with vitamin E oil, which helps her skin aglow, and makes it soft and supple.



Raw honey is what the kapoor sisters swear by. A quick honey massage is an effortless way to glowing skin when you're short on time. 

Sheet Masks


Kareena Kapoor doesn't shy away from showing her unfiltered self on her social media and we've seen her love for nourishing sheet masks.  Trust us, sheet masks are your friends if home remedies are not your thing. 

Home Made Masks


She's seen trying new homemade masks with her sister and friends on several stories, her most favourite one being yoghurt, turmeric &  honey 

Regular Workouts


Healthy inside, glowing outside!  The K3G queen never misses a workout and believes that a healthy body is what contributes the most to a healthy looking skin!  Don't believe us? Be consistent with your workouts for at least a month and watch your skin glow!



Kareena Kapoor believes in consistency all the way; be it workouts, skincare, water intake or taking a proper 7 hour sleep. 



You won't ever Kareena Kapoor without her natural spring water bottle. Hydration is key, you guys! Take note!

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