ramadan 2024, the healthy way

By Simran Verma

March 20, 2024

Dear Muslim readers, We know that you are observing your Rozas this month and we thought we should run some pointers by you. We also know you've been fasting all these years. But have you been fasting right?  Read on...

1. Skipping Suhoor is a no-no

Skipping the meal before your fast commences so as to not miss sleep is a no-no. Doing that prolongs the fasting period which increases the risk of dehydration and low glucose levels. Remember, your body is relying on the previous meal to provide you with all the energy until Iftar.

2. Have You Been Hydrating Well?

Aim at drinking some kind of fluid several times throughout the night, even if you aren't feeling too thirsty. Remember to keep away from caffeine because that is only going to cause further dehydration. Caution: Don't go overboard with drinking too much at one time as that can dilute your body's electrolytes, inducing a potentially fatal condition called water intoxication.

3. Switch It Up

Eat a variety of foods during the Iftaar. Your body needs nourishment to compensate for the stress of fasting. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, healthy fat (fat from plants, like olive oil and nuts)—can be added to conclude a healthy Iftaari, ensuring that you feel fuller for an extended period.

4. Fried & Sugary Foods Are Your Enemies

You'll be enticed to eat greasy and sugary dishes during Iftaari, but stay focussed. Isn't that what Ramadan all about? Aside from the unhealthy weight gain, consuming fatty and sugary foods can lead to indigestion, affecting fasting the following day.

5. Every Iftar Shouldn't Be Taken As A Feast

Iftar should be a well-balanced, nutritious meal and not a feast. Overeating and excessive consumption of high-fat foods may result in indigestion and weight gain. Such eating habits would be detrimental to those with underlying chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease.

Cheat Sheet You Can Swear By

To be included in your Sehri: Whole grains(whole grain cereal, whole grain bread, brown rice, and oatmeal), Fresh fruits and vegetables, Protein (milk, yogurt, eggs), healthy fat (nuts and olives)

Easy combinations in addition to drinking water during sehri: -Oatmeal/ whole-grain made with low-fat milk and topped with fruit and nuts. -A piece of whole-grain toast, a boiled egg, and your favourite fruit. -A peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread and a glass of low-fat milk. -A banana or apple with peanut butter and a glass of low-fat milk. -A bowl of vegetable soup, a piece of whole grain toast, and a glass of low-fat milk.

Happy Fasting! Ramadan Kareem Mubarak

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