Unveiling the secret of Jahnvi Kapoor's fitness

Health & Lifestyle

By simran verma

april 4, 2024

If you are a true Jahnvi fan, you may already know that she has been swearing on fitness ever since she entered bollywood. 

From water intake, different forms of workouts to the motivation to get you moving, today we bring you Jahnvi Kapoor approved health tips.  

Switch it up 


Dont keep a monotonous routine. Jahnvi likes to switch exercises- pilates, yoga, dancing and running and just a few of the many exercises she does. 

Core strength is the core


Jahnvi believes in engaging and strenghtening her core for balance and stability in her overall life. Experts believe that it also helps with posture and a strong core can also prevent neck and back pain.

Workout camaraderie goes a long way


Get your friend to workout with you like Jahni has got Sarah Ali Khan. That way you don't have to worry about missing workouts when you're low on motivation. Your friend will do the job of pushing you. 

Hydration first


In none of her after- gym paparazzi photos will you ever spot Jahnvi without her big bottle of water; hydration is the first and definitive step to good health and fitness. 

Workout wardrobe helps


Last but certainly not the least, building a workout wardrobe provides an additional motivation to get dressed and get moving. 

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