What is Atomic Battery

By Sarita Singh

Jan 20, 2024

A Chinese startup named Betavolt unveiled a coin-sized nuclear battery promising an astonishing 50 years of power without charging.

The BV100 - Battery of future

Beijing-based Betavolt has introduced BV100, a nuclear battery. Harnessing atomic energy through a nickel isotope, it claims a groundbreaking 50-year lifespan.

50 Years of unlimited power

Betavolt envisions BV100 revolutionizing energy in everyday life, potentially powering smartphones. The tiny device could redefine the smartphone devices by offering an unmatched 50-year battery life.

Under the Hood of BV100

BV100 relies on Ni-63's radioactive decay and a 10-micron thick single-crystal diamond semiconductor. Storage capacity reaches 3300 megawatt-hours, surpassing conventional lithium batteries by tenfold.

Unmatched Energy Density

Betavolt claims BV100's energy density exceeds traditional lithium batteries. This innovative nuclear battery could mark a paradigm shift in how we perceive and use energy storage.

Sustainability in Focus

Emphasizing its longevity, BV100 requires no charging or maintenance for 50 years. Betavolt aspires to redefine sustainability in technology with this groundbreaking nuclear energy solution.

Absolute Safety Guaranteed

Despite nuclear connotations, Betavolt assures BV100 is absolutely safe. The company envisions potential applications in pacemakers and artificial hearts, emphasizing the battery's safety features.

Radiation Concerns Addressed

Dispelling fears, Betavolt clarifies BV100 emits no external radiation. The nuclear battery is designed to resist fire and explosions, even in response to acupuncture or gunshots.

Transition to Mass Production

Currently in its pilot stage, BV100 is on the verge of mass production pending regulatory approvals. Betavolt anticipates a future where nuclear batteries become ubiquitous in daily life.

With an unwavering 50-year power supply, the nuclear battery sparks hope for a sustainable and limitless energy revolution.

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