You Need A Cold Shower Right Now: Breaking Down Cold Therapy

By Simran Verma

March 27, 2024

Yes, we all love a sizzling hot shower every day. It's cheap therapy, to say the least. But, do you know this hot water is drying your skin and hair , with each shower you take? 

The IT Therapy

When you take a bath today, push yourself to do it right! Twist the tap right and watch your skin & body change in under 7 days!

Stronger Immune System

The shock of cold water can stimulate the blood cells that fight off infection (leukocytes) that implies, better health.

Improves Blood Circulation

Cold water strains your body to go into “survival mode” Your body is simultaneously working hard to maintain its core temperature. This stimulates your body to increase blood flow circulation.

Result?  Diabetic and BP patients know what this means! This should stand as a boon for skincare girls. Blood instantly flows into your face as soon as your wash your face with cold water leaving an instant flush on your face.

Relieve Localised Pains

 A cold shower interferes with your brain’s perception of the pain. It works by decreasing how quickly the pain sensation travels through one's nerves. It dulls the nerve transmission sent to your brain and hence, aiding in local pains. 

And Muscle Soreness!

Do you need more reasons to take a cold shower today?  It's Therapy Time!

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