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Apple’s New iOS 18: What’s Cool and What’s Not

Unpacking the newest mobile software from Apple - the fresh features that dazzle, the updates that underwhelm, and the early bugs to anticipate


Apple’s latest iOS 18 software update for iPhones is finally here, and it’s packed with new features and improvements. But like any major update, it has its pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at what’s really cool about iOS 18 and what might leave you a bit underwhelmed.

The Cool Stuff in iOS 18

1. Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence

One of the standout additions in iOS 18 is something Apple calls “Apple Intelligence.” This brings more powerful artificial intelligence and on-device processing to various apps on your iPhone. The idea is to make your interactions with apps smarter and more personalized based on how you use them.

For example, the Photos app has become a pro at categorizing your pictures into collections like recent trips or gatherings with certain people. It can also automatically highlight your best shots. In Messages, the AI can better predict the text you might want to type next and give more useful suggestions for scheduling messages. Even browsing the web gets an AI boost with Safari’s new “Highlights” feature. Using machine learning, it can analyze webpages you visit and provide concise summaries and key points. That way, you can quickly get the gist instead of digging through walls of text.
So whether you’re looking at photos, chatting with friends, or surfing the internet, iOS 18’s artificial intelligence tries to understand your habits and make the experience smoother and more tailored to your needs. It’s like having a smart assistant built right into your apps.

2. Redesigned Control Center

The Control Center, where you access all your quick settings and controls, has gotten a brand new look. You can now rearrange and resize the different buttons, create multiple pages, and even add controls from third-party apps. This means you can customize the Control Center to have all your favorite shortcuts right at your fingertips.

3. Better Photos App

iOS 18 Photo Library

The Photos app has been revamped to make it easier to find your pictures. It now organizes your photos into collections based on things like recent days, trips, and people. There’s also a new carousel view that automatically plays Live Photos and videos as you browse through them.

4. Improved Messaging

The Messages app has some cool new tricks up its sleeve. You can now schedule text messages to be sent at a later time, and you can use any emoji as a reaction to messages. Plus, messaging with Android users should be a smoother experience thanks to the switch to RCS (Rich Communication Services).

5. Game Mode

If you’re a mobile gamer, you’ll love the new Game Mode. It minimizes background activity and reduces latency for game controllers and AirPods, giving you a smoother and more responsive gaming experience.

6. Better Privacy

iOS 18 has some robust new privacy features. You can now lock any app with Face ID or Touch ID, and you can even hide apps in a secure folder. This helps keep your sensitive information safe and sound.

The Not-So-Cool Stuff

1. Some Apps Only Got Minor Updates

While many of Apple’s stock apps got big upgrades, some apps like Mail only received minor tweaks. If you were expecting major overhauls across all apps, you might be a bit disappointed.

2. New Features

Limited to Newer iPhones Some of the most exciting new features, like advanced AI capabilities and on-device processing enhancements, are only available on the latest iPhone models like the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. So if you have an older iPhone, you might miss out on some of the coolest new stuff.

3. Customization

Can Be Tricky While being able to customize your home screen and Control Center is a nice addition, the process isn’t always smooth sailing. Moving things around can be a bit of a hassle due to iOS’s “no free spaces” policy, which can make organizing widgets and toggles a bit of a headache.

4. Bugs and Stability Issues (For Now)

As with any new software update, especially in the early beta versions, iOS 18 might have a few bugs and stability issues. If you’re an early adopter, be prepared for some potential hiccups and glitches until things get ironed out.

    The Verdict Overall, iOS 18 brings some really cool new features to the table, like the redesigned Control Center, enhanced Photos app, and improved privacy controls. But it also has its fair share of shortcomings, like limited availability of some features and minor updates to certain apps. Whether it’s worth the upgrade will depend on your specific needs and the iPhone model you have.

    If you want to learn more about iOS 18 and its features, be sure to check out the details from reliable sources like MacRumors, 9to5Mac, TechRadar, and PhoneArena.

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