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Nokia 3210 Reborn: A Legendary Comeback After 25 Years 

HMD Global is all set to relaunch its superhit product Nokia 3210 Mobile Phone, in the market. Post the successful launch of Nokia 225 ( 4G), let’s see what HMD Global has to offer in the Nokia 3210 phone. 


HMD Global recently organized an event in Kenya to launch its coveted smartphones HMD Pulse and Nokia 225 4G. But the highlight of the event was the launch trailer of 90’s most favorite mobile phone- the Nokia 3210. 

This Nokia model was a superhit mobile phone during the 90’s. But, the company stopped its manufacturing to launch more smartphones, as it was a basic keypad cellphone.

Here is the good news! HMD Global is planning to relaunch its old gold with revamped features, to meet today’s smartphone dependency. Here is what the Nokia 3210 teaser looks like and what it promises: 

Old Is Gold: Nokia 3210 Is the 90’s Superstar 

HMD Global has brought one gift after another! After the launch of Nokia 225 4G and Pulse, the company released the poster of Nokia 3210 phone. It was a sensational product during the 90’s due to its compact design, durability, reliability and price.

To beat the competition, the Nokia 3210 mobile phone has advanced specifications and smart features at a super affordable cost. It’s released in striking blue color in the launch poster and the basic design somewhat resembles the Nokia 6310. However, the precise dimensions have not been disclosed yet. 

The latest Nokia 3210 2024 model is shown to have the basic keypad design, but the back design looks smart! The old Nokia logo is there at the back in the new Nokia 3210. But, you’ll get a rear camera which was missing in the old model 25 years back. 

Nokia 3210 Phone Specifications 

If we decode Nokia 3210 specifications from the poster launch, the new Nokia 3210 is laced with-

  • Longer battery life;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;
  • 4G connectivity 

and more. 

Launch Date and Price

According to reports, HMD Global will launch the new Nokia 3210 phone anytime in May 2024, but nothing has been officially said yet. 

To know the actual Nokia 3210 price, you will have to wait till its launch. But, the estimated cost is expected to be around Rs 2999/-. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Nokia 3210 launch date! 

Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat
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