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Rasha Thadani Height, Age, Boy Friend, Biography, Net worth & More

Raveena Tandon's daughter, Rasha, has been rapidly gaining popularity on social media and has quickly become a favorite of the paparazzi. Her sweet smile and unmatched charm have brought a refreshing new energy to Bollywood.


About Rasha Thadani

Rasha Thadani is daughter of the famous, talented and beautiful actress Ravina Tandon. She has been gaining a lot of media attention lately due to her alluring charm and beautiful face. She brings freshness in the current lot of celeb kids, which mostly has been dominated by the likes of Suhana Khan, Ananya Pandey, Janhvi Kapoor and more.

Rasha is soon going to make her bollywood debut, and fans are eager to see her spreading her charm on the silver screen.

Some interesting facts about Rasha Thadani

NameRasha Thadani
Height5’5″ | 1.67 Metres
Place of BirthMumbai, Maharashtra
ProfessionStudent, Upcoming Actor & Model
Birthday & Age16 March 2005 | 17 Years
Net WorthNA
Relationship StatusSingle (Rumours of dating Arhaan Khan)
Instagram Account

Relationships of Rasha Thadani

Rasha Thadani’s relationship status has been a subject of significant public curiosity. Despite this, there is no confirmed update regarding her current relationship status. She has been seen multiple times with Arbaaz Khan’s son Arhaan, and they appear to enjoy each other’s company. However, no credible sources have confirmed any romantic relationship between them. For now, it seems safe to assume that she is single.

Stunning Pics of Rasha Thadani

1. Brand Ad

2. Rasha Thadani at the Airport

3. Rasha Thadani on a lunch date

4. Rasha Thadani in a short black dress

5. Rasha Thadano with Arhaan Khan

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