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Top Highlights from Narendra Modi’s First Mann Ki Baat After Election Victory

PM Modi Concluded Maan ki Baat on a special note, he said All India Radio is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of Sanskrit Bulletin on 30th June. He congratulated AIR family for the achievement.


After three months, Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the Mann Ki Baat program. In this program, Modi discussed the tribal leader Sidhu Kanu. He also discussed Vocal for Global. PM Modi last did Mann Ki Baat on 25 February.

Let’s know, what Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed in Mann Ki Baat today. This is his first Maan Ki Baat programme after becoming Prime Minister for the third time.

Key Highlights of Mann Ki Baat

Narendra Modi started Mann Ki Baat with a Sanskrit shloka “Iti Vida Punarutnaya” (इति विदा पुनर्मिलनाय) which means, I take leave, to meet again.

June 30 is celebrated as Hul Divas, The Prime Minister remembered the sacrifice of brave brothers Sidhu and Kanhu. Sidhu and Kanu fought against foreign (British) rule in the form of the Santhal rebellion in 1855, even before 1857. Modi ji also dedicated a Santhali song in honor of these brave brothers.

To show love for Mother Earth and their mothers, Modiji asked citizens to post pictures of themselves planting trees with their mother. By encouraging people to plant trees in honor of their mothers as a token of appreciation for their priceless contributions, this programme seeks to foster a closer relationship between people and the natural world. Share your picture and experience on the #PLANT4MOTHER campaign.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about Karthumbi umbrellas made by tribal women in Attappadi in Kerala. Under the observation of the Vattalakki Cooperative Farming Society, led by tribal women of Attappadi, these umbrellas are sold online. They are also dealing with bamboo handicrafts and trying to demonstrate this to the external world. To unveil their culture to the world, they are planning to launch a store.

Pradhan Mantri cheered for players participating in the Paris Olympics with #CHEER4BHARAT. He wished the players all the best for the Paris Olympics. The Paris Olympics is starting next week, he recalled the proud memory of the Tokyo Olympics. He also talked about the players participating and their preparation for the Olympics. Before the Olympics, players participated in more than 900 international competitions.

Narendra Modi said the government of Kuwait is promoting Hindi. He played an audio clip in Hindi from a Kuwaiti radio broadcast. Every Sunday the government starts a half-hour program about Indian Culture, Art, and Cinema. Indian art and music are popular among the natives of Kuwait. He also thanked the administration of Kuwait for such a wonderful initiative.

Modi Ji mentioned about two Caribbean countries and their love for Indian heritage, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Surinam. These countries celebrated Indian culture with a lot of joy in the month of June. Surinam celebrates 5th June as Indian Arrival Day or Apravasi Divas. Along with Hindi, Bhojpuri is a popular language here. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines celebrated the Indian Arrival Day on 1st June.

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PM Modi mentioned the 10th International Yoga Divas celebrated on 21st June. He mentioned the yoga sessions conducted in different parts of the world. He said that for the first time, a Saudi woman conducted a Yoga session in Saudi Arabia. He also mentioned Yoga sessions in Sri Lanka, US, Bahrain, and Myanmar. He said he celebrated Yoga Day in Srinagar. He advised people to include Yoga in their daily routine for a healthy lifestyle.

Pradhan Mantri ji talked about the exotic vegetables of Jammu and Kashmir, and how snow peas from Pulwama are making their presence on the world map. He appreciates Abdul Rashid Mir, for his contribution in the prosperity of Kashmiri farmers.

PM Modi shared his experience of tasting Araku coffee with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in Visakhapatnam. This coffee is known for its exotic flavor and aroma. This coffee is produced on a large scale in Alluri Sitharama Raju district of Andhra Pradesh. According to him approx. 1.5 lakh tribals are associated with this coffee farming. Girijan Cooperative has played an important role in giving a platform to the coffee producer. Araku Coffee was served during the G 20 Summit.

PM Modi Concluded Maan ki Baat on a special note, he said All India Radio is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of Sanskrit Bulletin on 30th June. He congratulated AIR family for the achievement.

“Sanskrit Weekend” is an initiative by the people of Bengaluru to promote the Sanskrit language. There is a park called Cubbon Park where people gather every Sunday and conduct many activities in Sanskrit.

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