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10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids: Insanely Easy And Quick Breakfast Ideas 

Here are 10 quick and healthy breakfast recipes for kids which will make the mornings a breeze. Planning meals is tougher than cooking them! So, try these easy and quick breakfast ideas for your kids which will breakfast the ‘happy hours’ of the day.


It’s high time you switch the readymade but unhealthy ( Yes!) breakfast options such as Chocos, for healthy breakfast recipes! In a shocking revelation, Foodpharmer aka Revant Himatsingka exposed the health hazards that come with packaged foods. While Kidsstoppress founder Mansi Zaveri reveals that nothing can replace a well-planned home cooked meal! 

But preparing meals in the morning can be hectic when your kid is a fussy eater. So, here I bring 10 super easy, quick and healthy breakfast recipes for kids which will make them happier, more importantly, healthier! 

10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids: A Working Woman’s Bible For Easy Morning 

Here are 10 easy, quick and healthy breakfast recipes for kids at a glance: 

Ragi UpmaRagi Rava, oil, Curry leaves, Cumin, Mustard, Onion, peanuts, Chana dal, vegetables, water 
Instant Oats DosaRolled Oats, rice flour, Rava/Semolina, cumin, water,  onion, curry leaves, coriander 
Vegetable AppeRava/Semolina, Rice Flour, Curry Leaves, Green Chillies, Urad dal, Carrot, Capsicum, Sweet Corns 
Overnight Oats Rolled oats, milk, peanut butter, honey, raisins, nuts of choice 
Rava Idli Rava/Semolina, curd, water, vegetables of choice, cashews, almonds, chana dal. Asafoetida 
Cucumber Carrot Sandwich Slices of sandwich bread, grated cucumber and carrot, hung curd, black pepper, black salt 
French Toast Eggs, milk, bread slices, pinch of cinnamon and salt, sugar, fruits for garnishing 
Homemade Granola with milk Oats, Nuts ( almonds, cashews, peanuts, raisins, dried berries) Seeds ( pumpkin, watermelon, sunflower), coconut flakes, coconut oil,  ground cinnamon, pinch of sugar and salt 
Homemade PancakesFlour, baking powder, sugar, salt, milk, butter, eggs ( optional) 
Fruit Sandwich Bread slices, fruits ( papaya, mango, or other), mixed fruit jam
Healthy Breakfast Recipes for kids at a glance

10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Kids : Step-by-Step Instructions 

Now, let’s jump to the detailed recipes of these healthy breakfasts for kids and learn how to ace the recipes. 

Disclaimer: The cooking videos attached in the blog belong to the rightful owner and have been used only for educational purpose. 

Before beginning with any recipe, keep all its required ingredients handy so that the recipe turns out as perfect as your plans!

Ragi Upma

Ragi Upma is the best breakfast recipe for kids who do not like milk but as moms, we are hellbent on adding Calcium to their diet. Try this Ragi Upma recipe to maintain the calcium in their diet. Add vegetables of your choice  ( please add sweet corn too ) and the best part, pack it for tiffin too! 

Instant Oats Dosa 

I know hundreds of women, including me, who fear making dosa at home for the fear of going wrong with mixing ingredients and fermentation. But, this one is a life saver! Try this instant oats recipe and serve it with green chutney, or homemade hummus of your choice. 

Vegetable Appe

Appes are a staple South Indian Breakfast and from kids to adults, everyone enjoys them!  Add the leftover vegetables to the Appe batter and you’ll have a filling, yummy and healthy breakfast recipe on your table!

Overnight Oats ( Easiest Healthy Breakfast Recipe For Kids)

Overnight Oats is a very healthy option to get your kids to enjoy milk with added delicacies. It saves a whole lot of time for the morning cooking session. Don’t forget to add fruits of your choice while serving it in the morning. 

Rava Idli 

Rava idli is one of the best and easiest healthy breakfast ideas for kids, and adults too. You can also prepare the rava idli batter and store it in the refrigerator for 4-5 days. Add vegetables of your choice to the batter and your breakfast will be ready while you fix your winged eyeliner

Cucumber – Carrot Sandwich 

Cucumber and Carrot sandwiches are very easy yet one of the tastiest healthy breakfast recipes for kids. Use hung curd or mayonnaise as the base and top with sweetcorns for an extra dose of taste and crunch! 

French Toast ( Eggless and With Egg Recipe) 

French Toast with Eggs

French Toast Without Eggs

As the French say, there’s nothing French with the French Toast! But, oh the recipe is too easy and super delicious! Try the with-eggs or the eggless French Toast recipe and it will become your kid’s staple breakfast recipe! 

Homemade Granola with milk 

This recipe is your one stop solution to get your kid to consume all those healthy nuts and seeds, without a fuss! Just dry roast ( or use a tbsp of coconut oil for roasting ) your favorite nuts and seeds. Upon cooling, transfer to an airtight jar and you’re stocked for a month! Serve it as a quick snack or mix it with milk for your kid’s breakfast. 

Homemade Pancakes ( Most Favorite Breakfast Recipe)

You’ll find loads of readymade pancake batters in the market but did you know, it is very easy to make instant fresh pancakes within minutes? Try this recipe and load these yummy pancakes with maple syrup and fruits of your choice! Sliced bananas with chocolate syrup taste the best! 

Fruit Sandwich ( Most Delicious Breakfast Recipe)

A must-try recipe if your kid is fussy about fruits! Fruit sandwiches are easy and very delicious to make. Use whipped cream or sweetened hung curd, whichever is available and top it with fruits like mangoes and mixed-fruits jam! Voila ! Super delicious and the quickest healthy breakfast recipe for kids! 

Final Words

Both kids and adults will enjoy these above mentioned healthy breakfast recipes. Once you get the hang of eating clean and eating healthy, there is no looking back! A busy morning does not stand for an unhealthy start to the day. Try these nutritious breakfast recipes to ensure your kids are energetic and healthy! 

Stay tuned for more healthy recipes! Leave your thoughts in the comments section and drop a mail for collaboration at [email protected] 

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