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How Many Ounces In A Cup ? : Your Ultimate Conversion Guide! 

Knowing how to convert ounces to a cup is an essential daily skill. And this conversion between ounces and cups is not limited to baking recipes, there’s more to it. Read more:


If you know about how many ounces in a cup, or how many cups in ounces, this essential skill can come very handy when it comes to baking, or simply cooking anything. 

Here is your complete conversion guide about how many cups is ounces and how to attain the perfect measurement of your dry and liquid ingredients with maximum precision. 

Key Takeaway 

  • While measuring fluids, 8 fluid ounces ( fl oz) equals to 1 cup. 
  • While measuring dry ingredients, use a measuring scale for maximum accuracy. 
  • Weight of dry ingredients such as sugar and seeds, coffee and cheese will differ due to change in form. So, it is best to use the measuring scale for accurate results. 

How Many Ounces In A Cup?

If you want to learn how many ounces in a cup, the first thing to know is, dry and liquid ingredients are completely different. 

When you measure liquid, the unit ‘fluid ounces’ is used. And, while measuring dry ingredients, the unit dry ounces is used. 

For example, a cup of milk, water, or say coffee would have the same weight and volume as they all are liquids. But, a cup of flour, powder, or popcorn would not weigh the same because they are dry ingredients.

In short, liquid and dry ingredients differ when it comes to occupying space in the measuring cups, so their weight and volume will differ. 

That is why it is best to measure dry ingredients using a measuring scale. When you measure dry ingredients by their weight, not by volume, you’ll attain maximum accuracy. 

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So if you were confused between how many ounces is a cup of flour and how many ounces is a cup of coffee, I hope I have somewhat clarified the confusion. For more detailed information on this, keep reading: 

How Many Liquid Ounces In A Cup? 

How many ounces in a cup of any liquid? Say, coffee, milk or any drink. There are 8 fl oz ( fluid ounces) in 1 cup of liquid. Whatever the liquid be, this measurement shall remain the same. 

Since liquids are mostly common in their form, you can easily compare their weight and volume. So, the best way to measure liquids is by using fluid ounces. 

To convert ounces to cups, here is one simple formula: 1 ounce equals to 0.125 cups. 

So, to convert ounces in cups, just multiply the no. of ounces with 0.125 cups. 

Here is how to convert ounces in cups: 

8 fluid ounces x 0.125 1 cup 
16 fluid ounces x 0.1252 cups 
24 fluid ounces x 0.1253 cups 
32 fluid ounces x 0.1254 cups 

Liquid Ounces Conversion Table 

This table will come very handy when you quickly want to measure how many cups in ounces. Here is the Liquid Ounces Conversion Table  table to make quick and accurate conversions : 

Cups Ounces 
¼ cup 2 fl oz
½ cup4 fl oz
¾ cup6 fl oz
1 cup8 fl oz
2 cups 16 fl oz
4 cups 32 fl oz 

This conversion table of cups to ounces must have answered most of your questions like how many cups is 2 ounces, or how many cups is in 5 ounces. 

Now, let me show you how many ounces in a cup of dry ingredients and how this conversion differs from converting liquid ounces to cups. 

How Many Dry Ounces In A Cup? 

As explained above, the method to measure dry and liquid ingredients is different from each other as their form is different. Due to this, the weight and volume of both wet and dry ingredients remains different. 

One more thing to keep in mind, the weight of dry ingredients also differs due to different forms. For example, a cup of popcorn will have less weight than a cup of sugar, or a cup of seeds. 

So, to measure dry ingredients in ounces, it is best to use a measuring scale. Here is how to measure dry ounces in cup: 

Step 1: Reset the scale to zero and keep the cup on the scale. 

Step 2: Now, add the dry ingredient, which you want to measure into the cup on the scale.

This method will always give you highly accurate and precise results, no matter what you measure. For quick conversion, refer to the dry ounces conversion table given below: 

Dry Ounces Conversion Table 

Dry Ingredient Ounces Cups 
Flour 4 ⅖ to 4 ½ 1 cup
White sugar ( granulated) 7 oz1 cup
Brown sugar ( packed ) 7 ½ oz1 cup 
Butter 8 oz1 cup 
Cheese ( Cheddar, Mozzarella, Swiss) 4 oz1 cup 
Baking Soda0.081 oz1 cup 
Baking powder 0.16 oz1 cup
Chocolate Chips 6 oz1 cup 
Chocolate Chunks 6 oz 1 cup 
Blueberries ( fresh ) 5-6 oz1 cup 

I suggest, it would be best to stick this table up your kitchen counter because it is going to serve you more frequently than you can imagine. I am sure now you know how many ounces is a cup of cheese, or, butter, sugar. Refer to this table for quick checks on measurements, without investing time to calculate the conversions. 


If you want your recipe to turn out perfectly as you have imagined, make sure to use the ingredients in the correct proportions. Now that you know how many cups in a ounce, and vice versa, I am sure, you’ll ace that dream recipe of yours!

Let me know in the comments section if you want more conversion articles of different measuring units. 

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