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5 Best Indoor Plants To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer 

Get these 5 best indoor plants to keep home cool and you know the best part? They’re so easy to maintain! Give your home a green aesthetic makeover with these inexpensive green babies!


Did you know that plants sweat too? Oh, don’t worry! You won’t smell the foul ‘odour’! Instead, upon sweating, they release moisture into the air and cool their surroundings!

As per Earth Science Study from NASA, plants and trees undergo ‘transpiration‘during the process of photosynthesis. So, some of the water retained by the roots exits the plant body through the pores in leaves, which is called ‘sweating’. Why did I tell you this?

So that the next time you hear about indoor cooling plants, you know it’s no joke, it’s Earth Science 🙂 So, here I bring 5 best indoor plants to keep your home supercool this summer.

5 Best Indoor Plants To Keep Your Home Chilled-out

Rubber plant ( Ficus Elastica) 

The bigger the leaves are, more moisture the plant will release into the air!!! Rubber plant is the most popular one of best indoor plants ( that’s why you spot it in almost every house in AD). It has these big gorgeous leaves, at times, so shiny that they look artificial!

Rubber plants replenish the lost moisture from the air. Hence, they keep a check on air’s humidity levels and keep releasing moisture to cool the air around them.

Pro Tip: Prefer misting the Rubber plant and keep the soil just 'damp'. And, it does not like very bright light. So, keep it in lightly lit spot. 

Areca Palm

Areca Palm is the most famous and easiest to maintain! Hence, another top favourite among best indoor plants for the house! The most loved-by-all variety of the Palm is the Areca Palm, but let’s not forget the other lesser-known-but-pretty-good members of the Palm family! So, there is fern palm, the lady palm and the fishtail palm, but how will you tell the difference? Well, ofcourse be a pro, but here’s the tip: their leaves tell their story!

Areca palm leaves take in carbon dioxide and release Oxygen into your house, which keeps the surroundings cool naturally. Plus, they look so beautiful and adorn any corner where you keep them in your house! The cheapest way to give your house a mini-forest look- a Summer-ready house!!

Snake Plant ( Sansevieria)  

Snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, has water concentration. So when it will transpire, it will release the cool moisture into the air in the form of evaporation. Along with that, it will also release Oxygen into the air which will keep your house cool.

It is also a variety of succulent, which works as a great air purifier and removes toxins like Benzene, from the air. So, with this pretty succulent, you not only have a chilled-out house, but also a ‘clean house.’

Aloe Vera 

Just like the Snake plant, Aloe Vera also has high water content. It is so easy to maintain, grows very fast and works double time as air purifier and air coolant. Just water it once in a week and to encourage the fresh growth faster, keep away from direct sunlight.

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema

Last but not the least, the Chinese Evergreen works cools the air around it, removes toxins from the air and works as a great air humidifier. You’ll find it in different gorgeous varieties, but the most attractive one is the variegated foliage.

It does not need lots of light, grows well in secluded dark corners also and is very easy to maintain. So, keep it in any corner which never had anything fancy and it will adorn it like never before!!

Final Words

Summers are getting hotter and at times, no amount of fans or air conditioners seem to bring you back to life!! So this summer, instead of adding a few more electric cooling devices to your home, try getting these pretty plants to your home! They are not just a cheap, sustainable way of beating the heat, but also looks super pretty!!!! Happy Summers 🙂

Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat is a passionate writer and an English language educator who has been writing professionally for over 14 years. Her journey as a writer began as a personal endeavor, a way to express her thoughts, feelings, and imagination. Over the years, it evolved into a lifelong pursuit, a calling that she’s truly passionate about. When she’s not writing, she loves to paint, explore new DIYs and bake French-vanilla muffins!

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