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AFC Asian Cup 2023 : Arab National Team Players’ Market Values Hit 143.5 Million Euros


January 11, 2024, at 02:15 PM : In a thrilling build-up to the 18th edition of the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023, the market value of Arab players has surged to an impressive 143.5 million euros, as reported by the committees overseeing transfers and FIFA’s marketing and performance evaluation partners. The stage is set for an exciting tournament kickoff at Lusail Stadium on Friday.

With ten Arab teams making it to the finals – Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon – the market value of Arab players has garnered attention, showcasing their prowess in the current season. The evaluation is based on criteria such as club performance, league standing, contract extensions, and anticipated offers in the upcoming stages.

Jordanian national team player Musa Al-Tamari emerges as the top-rated player in terms of market value in the tournament, leading the pack with an impressive 6 million euros. This information stems from the monthly report issued by marketing committees affiliated with continental federations and FIFA partners.

Top Players and Teams

Jordanian footballer Musa Al-Tamari, playing for France’s Montpellier, secures the pole position with a market value of 6 million euros, on par with UAE’s Fabio Lima. Following closely are Qatar’s Akram Afif and Syria’s Omar Khribin, both boasting a market value of 4.5 million euros.

In terms of team standings, the UAE national team claims the top spot with a market value of 31.55 million euros, led by Fabio De Lima. Saudi Arabia follows closely with 23.30 million euros, while Syria and Qatar secure the third and fourth positions with 16.53 million euros and 15.90 million euros, respectively.

Detailed Breakdown of Teams

  1. UAE National Team (31.55 million euros): Striker Fabio De Lima leads with 6 million euros, supported by four players sharing the second position with 2.5 million euros each.
  2. Saudi National Team (23.30 million euros): Feras Albrikan tops the list with 4 million euros, followed by Saud Abdulhamid and Abdulrahman Ghareeb.
  3. Syrian National Team (16.53 million euros): Omar Khribin leads with 4.5 million euros, followed by Jalil Elias and Aiham Ousou.
  4. Qatari National Team (15.90 million euros): Akram Afif takes the lead with 4.5 million euros, supported by Almoez Ali and Hassan Al Haydos.
  5. Jordanian National Team (13.13 million euros): Musa Al-Tamari dominates with 6 million euros, nearly half of the team’s total value.
  6. Iraqi National Team (11.63 million euros): Danilo Al-Saed leads with 1.5 million euros, followed by Zidane Iqbal and Muntadhar Majid.
  7. Bahraini National Team (9.68 million euros): Ali Madan takes the lead with 2 million euros.
  8. Omani National Team (7.50 million euros): Salaah Al-Yahyaei leads with 500,000 euros.
  9. Lebanese National Team (7.43 million euros): Daniel Lahoud takes the lead with 1 million euros.
  10. Palestinian National Team (6.50 million euros): Oday Dabbagh leads with a market value of 1.5 million euros.


While market values fluctuate with age and performance levels, the AFC Asian Cup 2023 provides a platform for Arab players to shine, reflecting their capabilities and potential impact on the tournament. As the excitement builds, football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing these skilled players in action on the field.

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