Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Baltimore bridge collapse caught on cam – ‘Mass casualties’ feared


The Francis Scott Bridge which opened in 1977 and served as a hub for shipping on the East coast has collapsed. Into the Patapsco River went the bridge by getting hit by a container ship at around 1:30 am.

A Reuters reporter confirmed with the police that two people have been rescued so far and around six people are still missing. One of the two rescued individuals is in a “very serious condition” as the police told Reuters.

Baltimore bridge collapse caught on cam – ‘Mass casualties’ feared

The cops also confirmed that the rescue operations are on the way but they have a “large area to search.”

The Fire Department of Baltimore claimed it is a matter of mass casualties, along with the media confirming that several vehicles have drowned. Along with that, some media reports also state that there were around twenty construction workers on duty when the bridge collapsed.

Maryland Governor has declared a state of emergency after the bridge collapse.

Large number of Cargo ships spotted holding outside of the Port of Baltimore, unable to enter due to Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.

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