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Bengaluru murder case – What made a man stab his girlfriend 15 times?

Girish NL alias Rehan Ahmed killed Farida Khatoon at Shalini Ground in Jayanagar V Block, according to police.


Girish, a 32-year-old man allegedly killed his girlfriend, Farida Khatoon by stabbing her over 15 times in public on Saturday after she turned down his marriage proposal. Girish walked to the police station and confessed right after.

Girish NL alias Rehan Ahmed killed Farida Khatoon at Shalini Ground in Jayanagar V Block, according to police.

Khatoon was 42 and a mother of two girls, aged 21 and 16, said Shivprakash Devaraju, DCP (South).

Girish was dragged into court and has been taken into custody for further investigation.

Devaraju further added, “We’re also recording the statement of a few people who witnessed the murder, including a tender coconut seller.”

Khatoon was from Kolkata and worked in a unisex spa for the past four years. Girish was a spare car driver. Girish met Khatoon when he went to visit one of the spas in South Bengaluru in 2022. They eventually got into a relationship. According to the police, Khatoon had gone to Kolkata on 6th March and returned with one of her daughters on 28th March.

Girish’s birthday was on 28th March. Khatoon was staying in an Oyo hotel room in Jayanagar with her daughter. Girish had joined them later for a party. He even took them out for lunch and shopping, before dropping the daughter off to the hotel and taking just Khatoon out.

The couple visited two parks, and in between Girish disappeared for a while and that’s when he went to purchase a knife. Later on, Girish proposed to her to marry him and she turned him down. Out of rage, he started assaulting her and eventually stabbed her. The police said she died between 7 PM and 7:30 PM.

A tender coconut vendor witnessed it and called the police on Girish. Noticing so, Girish fled and could not be found around by the time the police reached the location. Although, after some time Girish himself surrendered at the Jayananagr Police Station at 8:30 PM. A senior cop further said, “We’re yet to recover the weapon used for the murder. He threw it before surrendering. He says he was asking her to quit work and marry him. But she refused. Also, she lied about the reason for going to Kolkata. She had gone there with a female friend.”

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