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China’s State-Run Global Times Praises India’s Economic Progress and Strategic Confidence

India's strategic confidence and evolving international relations under PM Modi have garnered positive attention, signaling a new chapter in the two countries' dynamics.


China’s state-run media outlet, Global Times, has openly lauded India’s economic growth, recognizing the nation as one of the world’s fastest-growing major economies. The publication specifically commended the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and highlighted India’s evolving stance in international relations, expressing increased strategic confidence.

Key Points:

  1. Economic Achievements: Global Times, in an article by Zhang Jiadong, Director of the Center for South Asian Studies at Fudan University, acknowledged India’s remarkable economic achievements over the past four years. The piece emphasized the country’s economic momentum, positioning it on the trajectory to become one of the fastest-growing major economies globally.
  2. Shift in International Relations: Under PM Modi’s leadership, India has transitioned from multi-balancing to multi-alignment in the international arena. The article commended India’s proactive approach in international relations and noted the rarity of such swift changes in the history of global affairs.
  3. Diplomatic Strategy: Jiadong highlighted India’s diplomatic shift towards a great power strategy since Modi assumed power. India has actively nurtured relations with the US, Japan, Russia, and other nations, showcasing a comprehensive multi-alignment approach. The author noted India’s distancing from the West in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, aligning itself more closely with the developing world.
  4. Reduced Reservations: India’s reservations about Western powers have significantly diminished, according to Jiadong. The country has become more involved in Western countries, organizing events beyond large-scale diaspora gatherings. The article referenced India’s first “Knowledge India Visitors Programme,” where Foreign Minister S Jaishankar emphasized the importance of building a robust “Bharat narrative” encompassing economics, development, politics, and culture.


China’s recognition of India’s rising stature in the global arena comes as a significant acknowledgment of the country’s achievements, especially in economic development and diplomatic strategies. India’s strategic confidence and evolving international relations under PM Modi have garnered positive attention, signaling a new chapter in the two countries’ dynamics.

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