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Decoded, Sandeshkhali Violence in West Bengal: Recent Updates and Response

Meanwhile, a team from the National Scheduled Caste Commission arrived in Sandeshkhali to review the situation.

On January 5, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) team conducted raids at the residences of TMC leader Shah Jahan Sheikh in connection with the ration scam in West Bengal. During these raids, ED officials faced stone-pelting, allegedly by supporters of Shah Jahan Sheikh. Since then, Shah Jahan Sheikh has been absconding, failing to appear before the agency despite summons.

Exploring the Unfolding Events and Reactions

In the wake of recent turmoil in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, concerning allegations and subsequent responses, there has been a notable surge in attention.

Allegations by Women: What Unfolded After?

Following serious allegations made by women, the situation in Sandeshkhali drew attention from various quarters. Responding to the incident, on February 10, West Bengal Governor CV Anand Bose expressed grave concern, stating, “This incident reflects the darkest aspect of civilized society. The government must take prompt and effective action.”

Later, on February 12, the Governor visited the site of the incident and met with the affected women. He expressed disbelief, stating, “When I heard the accounts of mothers and sisters, I couldn’t believe that such events could occur on the land of Rabindranath Tagore.”

Meanwhile, two individuals, Vikas Singh (44) and Uttam Sarkar, faced charges of multiple offenses in connection with the case and were subsequently arrested. However, on February 12, both accused were granted bail by the court, despite the police’s request for a 10-day remand.

On February 13, a team of ten female police officers visited Sandeshkhali, led by IPS Soma Das Mitra, to conduct an investigation into the matter. Justice Apoorva Sinha Ray of the Kolkata High Court intervened on February 13, directing the state to submit a report within a week.

Moreover, on February 14, the Kolkata High Court revoked Section 144 in Sandeshkhali. The Bengal police issued a statement on the same day regarding the alleged incident, clarifying, “It is clarified that no allegations of sexual assault by any woman have been received so far.”

BJP’s Allegations: What’s the Claim?

Amidst the unfolding events, the Bengal BJP initiated protests against the incident, led by Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar.

On February 12, BJP leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani held a press conference, launching a scathing attack on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, leveling serious accusations against the government regarding the Sandeshkhali violence.

Furthermore, on February 14, amid the protests, a clash erupted between BJP leaders and the police, resulting in injuries to Sukanta Majumdar. On the same day, the National President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, JP Nadda, formed a high-level committee to investigate the Sandeshkhali incident.

Current Status: What’s Happening Now?

On Thursday (February 15), the West Bengal Legislative Assembly witnessed a commotion over this issue, leading to the suspension of BJP legislators amidst the uproar.

Following these events, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee addressed the assembly, stating, “I have never allowed injustice to anyone in my life, and I will not allow it now.” She mentioned dispatching the State Women’s Commission to Sandeshkhali and the arrest of 17 individuals, emphasizing that no one involved in wrongdoing would be spared.

Meanwhile, a team from the National Scheduled Caste Commission arrived in Sandeshkhali to review the situation. The National President, Arun Haldar, and member Anju Bala met with the victims, highlighting the desire of Sandeshkhali residents to voice their concerns.

On Thursday, a delegation from the TMC met with the Governor, accusing the opposition of politicizing the Sandeshkhali incident.

As the situation continues to unfold, authorities face pressure to ensure justice and restore peace in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal.



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