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Dubai Flood: Horrifying Rainfall Causes Chaos in the Gulf: Airport Operations Disrupted, Oman Mourns Losses

Dubai Flood has resulted in tragic consequences! Oman is mourning the loss of 20 lives this hour and Dubai is in a mess due to stranded flights, diverted transportation and dysfunctional Metro service. Here're the tragic details:


In the midst of the arid terrains, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) experienced an immense cascade of rainfall on Tuesday. Safe to say, it is the heaviest Dubai flood the nation had ever seen!

The WAM news agency calls this deluge an “unparalleled meteorological phenomenon“. It has transcended all levels of rainfalls the UAE had ever seen since 1949. The aftermath of Dubai Flood resonated throughout Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman.

Dubai Flood: Airport Paralyzed Amidst “Extremely Challenging” Conditions

Dubai Airport is facing unprecedented challenges as the biblical rain has flooded its runways. Due to this, hundreds of flights were delayed and many were canceled, causing a huge chaos at the Dubai airport.  

Images from Dubai depict submerged vehicles and traffic congestion due to floods, highlighting the strain on infrastructure and the challenges faced by residents and tourists.

Dubai Flood Claims Lives in Oman: Death Toll Rises 

Further north in Oman, a devastating incident unfolded as a man lost his life to flash floods. Due to the sudden deluge, he was stuck in his car in the flood.

To add to it, the rescue team discovered a young girl’s body, which added up to the mounting death toll. Due to the onset of heavy floods, Oman has lost 20 lives till now. Oman is still struggling with the aftermath of the disaster, mourning the loss of lives and assessing the extent of the damage. 

The UAE, Oman’s neighbor in the North, witnessed a rainfall so heavy, which they had not seen for last 75 years. According to NCM( National Centre of Meteorology), about 254.8mm rainfall was experienced in Khatm-al-Shakla, in just one day.

Dubai Floods Continue to Threat 

Although no death has been reported till now in Dubai, an old man did lose his life when the rain swept away his vehicle in Ras-al-Khaimah. By Tuesday, the rains eased a bit, but the Dubai Airport still remains stranded.

Forecasters issue warnings of ongoing thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and strong winds, which prolongs the threat of further devastation. With numerous low-lying areas still submerged, residents remain on high alert, bracing for potential impacts.

As per reports, the Dubai floods might be the unforeseen result of ‘Cloud Seeding‘ which has been a regular practice in the UAE for more than a decade. But as per Meterologists, the storm was already been predicted.

As per experts, Dubai floods have been caused by low pressure areas in the Arabian Penninsula Southern part. They might have pulled moist, warm air from Indian Ocean in south of Oman.

Final Word

The World’s temperature is hotter by 1.1 degree Celcius ever since the industries continue to grow at a fast pace. Sadly, it will continue to happen if the nations did not cut down on emissions!

Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat
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