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Eknath Shinde after Meeting Salman Khan: will Finish Lawrence Bishnoi’

Days after the firing incident, Salman Khan met with Eknath Shinde, the CM of Maharasthra, who assured him and his family of complete support from the government. He promised, it's time the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang need to be knocked down forever.


Eknath Shinde, Maharashtra’s big boss, sat down with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on Tuesday and gave him a solid guarantee of total safety and protection. This assurance came hot on the heels of a frightening incident where two men on bike fired shots outside Khan’s pad in Mumbai’s Bandra hood on Sunday morning. 

Eknath Shinde: There is no place for gangwar in Maharasthra

Following their chat, Ekanth Shinde dropped a bombshell, slamming gang violence in Mumbai and threw down the gauntlet against the notorious “Lawrence Bishnoi” gang. 

“There ain’t no place for gang wars in Mumbai. This is Maharashtra, this is Mumbai. We’ll take down the Lawrence Bishnoi gang to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen again,” Ekanth Shinde boldly declared to the media. He doubled down on the Mumbai Police’s orders to step up security for Salman Khan and his clan after the scary episode. 

“I personally gave Salman Khan my word that the government’s got his back when it comes to safety. Making sure he’s secure is our top priority. The government is now fixated on making sure this kind of thing doesn’t repeat in Mumbai,” Shinde reassured. 

The Salman Khan House Firing Case

The Police released the pictures of the accused members in the Salman Khan House firing Case. The two men are members of the Lawrence Bishnoi Group and took responsibility of the firing incident.

In the early hours of Sunday, two ruffians on a motorcycle blasted off firing rounds outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. The CCTV footage caught one of them taking aim at Khan’s crib and then, they flew down fast. 

According to the Maharashtra Police, ‘the guy riding shotgun shot a total of five shots. One hit the wall and another landed on Khan’s balcony.’

Soon after, Mumbai Police nabbed two suspects – Vicky Gupta (24) and Sagar Pal (21) – in connection to the case. The bust went down in Mata No Madh village in Gujarat’s Kutch district and the suspects were shipped off to Mumbai for further legal action. 

Eknath Shinde Vows: It’s over for Lawrence Bishnoi Gang

Eknath Shinde assured Khan that the cops are digging deep, and the truth will come out very soon. The culprits responsible for this heinous act will be in for a world of hurt.” Shinde’s assertion showed the government’s determination to bring the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang to the shackles.

However, the Lawrence Bishnoi Gang seemed in no stress post the firing incident and rather, acted in fearlessness. Right after the incident, Anmol Bishnoi, brother of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, took credit for the attack via a social media post. He warned Salman Khan, ‘this was just the tip of the trial.’

Shortly after the firing incident, Anmol Bishnoi took responsibility of the incident and warned Salman Khan in a Facebook post.

Since November 2022, Salman Khan’s security detail has been beefed up to Y-Plus due to threats from gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldy Brar. Additionally, Khan’s got the green light to pack heat and has access to an armored vehicle for extra protection.

Jyoti Sehrawat
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