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Embarrassment for Bangladesh Cricket as Teams Object to Female Umpire


In a surprising turn of events in Bangladesh cricket, two teams participating in the Dhaka Premier League have raised objections to the appointment of a female umpire for their match.

Shathira Jakir Jessy officiated as the field umpire alongside Moniruzzaman during the Super League match between Prime Bank and Mohammedan on Thursday, April 25.

The decision to have Jessy umpiring the match drew criticism from both cricketers and officials of the participating teams. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) umpires’ committee chairman, Iftekhar Ahmed Mithu, acknowledged the disappointment expressed by the teams.

Delayed Start and Complaints

The dissatisfaction led to a delayed start of the game, commencing 15 minutes later than scheduled. Both Prime Bank and Mohammedan teams lodged complaints regarding Jessy’s presence as the on-field umpire.

Despite the initial protests, both teams eventually accepted the decision. Mithu explained that Jessy, an umpire on the ICC development panel, had been recently included due to her capabilities. This marked her debut as an on-field umpire in the Dhaka Premier League, where she showcased her competency.

Possible Consequences

When questioned about potential repercussions for disrespecting the umpire, Mithu mentioned the possibility of both teams facing sanctions. The matter is to be investigated by the Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolis (CCDM).

The incident highlights ongoing challenges and attitudes towards gender equality in sports officiating, emphasizing the need for continued efforts to promote inclusivity and fairness within cricket and other sports.

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By addressing the concerns raised and enforcing appropriate measures, authorities aim to uphold the integrity of the sport while ensuring equal opportunities for all officials, regardless of gender.

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