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Handwritten Note Found in Suchana Seth’s Handbags Indicates her Frustration


January 12, 2024, 8:30 AM IST : A crumpled note written with eyeliner or kajal pencil has emerged as a crucial piece of evidence in the heart-wrenching murder case of a four-year-old boy, the son of a Bengaluru-based CEO, Suchana Seth. The note, hastily written and torn, was discovered by Goa Police in Suchana’s bag, shedding light on her mental state amidst an ongoing custody battle with her husband, P Venkat Ram.

Important Details:

  • Discovery of the Note: The handwritten note, found on tissue paper, was pieced together by investigators after being shredded and crumpled. It is believed to have been written in haste, indicating Suchana’s frustration with the custody battle.
  • Custody Battle Background: Suchana Seth had been entangled in a custody dispute over their son with her husband. A recent court order allowing the father to meet the child on designated days reportedly did not sit well with Suchana.
  • Contents of the Note: While the exact contents of the note have not been disclosed by the police, it consists of five sentences in English. The note is seen as a reflection of Suchana’s reluctance to let her son go with his father and provides insight into her troubled state of mind.
  • Link to the Murder: According to a police officer, the note suggests that Suchana possibly wrote it at the time she committed the heinous act of killing her child. The discovery has prompted authorities to seek her handwriting sample for further analysis.
  • Hotel Tragedy Unfolds: Suchana Seth checked into a Goa hotel on January 6 with a booking until January 10. However, on January 7, she abruptly left, claiming urgent work in Bengaluru. Alarmed by bloodstains in the room, the hotel staff informed the police. Subsequently, the child’s lifeless body was found inside a suitcase. Autopsy results later confirmed that the cause of death was smothering with a pillow.

Suchana Seth has not yet admitted to the murder, and the investigation is ongoing as the police piece together the tragic events that unfolded at the Goa hotel.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding custody battles and the impact they can have on individuals’ mental well-being. The authorities continue their efforts to unravel the full story behind this tragedy.

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