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In two Separate Missions, Indian Navy’s INS Sumitra Rescues Crew and Vessel from Somali Pirates


The Indian Navy’s warship INS Sumitra executed a successful anti-piracy operation off the east coast of Somalia, rescuing 19 crew members and a fishing vessel from armed Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea. The operation marks the second consecutive success for INS Sumitra in its anti-piracy efforts.

The rescue operation unfolded after INS Sumitra successfully thwarted a piracy attempt on the Iranian-flagged fishing vessel Iman, which had 17 crew members on board. The vessel was boarded by Somali pirates in the waters along the east coast of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden on a Sunday night.

Responding swiftly to a distress call, INS Sumitra intercepted the vessel and acted according to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to coerce the pirates into releasing the crew and the boat safely. The operation resulted in the successful release of all 17 crew members along with the Iranian vessel Iman.

Following this initial success, INS Sumitra, continuing its mission, responded to another distress call regarding the hijacking of an Iranian-flagged fishing vessel named Al Naeemi by Somali pirates. The vessel had 19 Pakistani nationals on board and was targeted by 11 armed pirates.

On January 29, INS Sumitra, through strategic posturing and effective deployment of its helicopter and boats, compelled the safe release of the crew and the vessel, preventing a potential act of piracy in the Southern Arabian Sea, approximately 850 nautical miles west of Kochi.

The Indian Navy emphasized that these swift and persistent efforts by INS Sumitra not only secure the release of hijacked vessels but also prevent the misuse of fishing vessels as mother ships for further acts of piracy on merchant vessels.

The successful anti-piracy operations by INS Sumitra highlight the Indian Navy’s commitment to maritime security in the Indian Ocean region. The spokesperson for the Indian Navy, Commander Vivek Madhwal, stated that the mission-deployed Indian naval ships symbolize the navy’s resolve towards ensuring the safety of all vessels and seafarers at sea.

This accomplishment comes on the heels of INS Visakhapatnam’s recent action in extinguishing a fire on a commercial oil tanker with 22 Indian crew members in the Gulf of Aden. The Indian Navy continues to enhance the deployment of its frontline ships and surveillance aircraft for maritime security operations in critical sea lanes, including the north and central Arabian Sea.

This anti-piracy operations by INS Sumitra underscore the Indian Navy’s proactive measures to counter maritime threats and ensure the safety of vessels and crew in the strategically vital waters surrounding the Arabian Sea.

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