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‘Injustice’: Daughter of Sarabjit Singh on Amir Sarfaraz’s death, her father’s killer

Swapandeep Kaur, daughter of Sarabjit Singh, found her father's killer's death unsatisfactory and claims, ' it is not justice'. She believes, Pakistani Government is involved in this killing so that the truth behind her father's death never comes out. Tamba was a close member of the ISI and attacked Sarabjit on their directions. Read more:


Swapandeep Kaur is the daughter of Sarabjit Singh, who was kept in Pakistan’s prison for 23 years. She said, initially she was satisfied that her father’s killer, Amir Sarfarz was killed in Pakistan. But, she now claims that this is a cover-up act by the Pakistan’s government. They cannot do this to my father’s murderer without a trial.

She strongly feels that this is completely injustice. There should have been a trial to find out what did the perpetrators do to her father. Her family deserves to know what happened to her father while he was kept as a prisoner in Lahore, Pakistan. Read more:

Sarabjit Singh’s Killer Amir Sarfaraz aka Tamba shot dead in Lahore

On Sunday, Sarabjit Singh’s killer, Amir Sarfaraz was shot dead by gunmen in Pakistan, although the gunmen’s identity remains anonymous.

Sarabjit Singh, the Indian national kept as a row prisoner in Pakistan, was declared dead in 2013. As per reports, he died after Tamba attacked him with bricks, iron rods, blades and sharp metals in Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore.

Tamba was known as Lahore’s don! As per facts, the ISI, Pakistan’s Spy Agency, ordered him to attack Sarabjit in the jail and kill him brutally. He was a close member of LeT( Laskhar-e-Taiba) and was an ally of Hafiz Sayeed, who was the founder of Let’s terror outfit.

In Dec 2018, Amir Sarfaraz alongwith Mudassar, who were the two main suspects in Sarabjit’s murder case, were released by the Pakistani’s court due to lack of evidence. The Lahore Sessions Court claimed that there was not even a single witness who could claim them as the murderers, hence, they had to be released.

In a shocking turn of events, it was Sarabjit Singh who was later maligned in the court. He was declared guilty of bomb-blasts in Pakistan’s Punjab state in 1990 and was punished with death penalty.

What did Sarabjit Singh write in the letter to his family?

Swapandeep Kaur told the media that her father mentioned how brutally he was tortured in the Pakistani jail. He wrote in his last letter that he was forcibly given ‘slow poison’ and was treated inhumanly inside the jail.

The officials ( prison) tell me that I won’t go back alive, only my bones will reach India. There is so much fighting going in india for you, how do we let you go alive?”

Swapandeep also claims that her father’s diary was missing when his body arrived in India. He used to write about his ordeals in the Pakistani jail in his diary which was not sent alongwith his dead body.

Sarabjit Singh Tortured in Pakistan’s Kot Lakhpat Jail

Sarabjit Singh stayed in the Pakistani jail for 23 long years. His sister, Dalbir Kaur, fought a long battle to bring her brother back alive from Pakistan but she failed. She had claimed that he had unknowningly crossed the border while working in his fields during the dark hours at night.

In 2016, Randeep Hooda acted in the biopic ‘Sarabjit‘ which was directed by Omung Kumar. Aishwarya Rai Bacchann played the role of Sarabjit’s sister, Dalbir Kaur and Richa Chaddha enacted the role of his wife, Sukhpreet Kaur.

Sarabjit’s struggles and Pakistani’s atrocities have been beautifully depicted in the movie to spine-chilling details.

We stand strong with Swapandeep Kaur and the entire family of Sarabjit and we hope that the NIA( National Investigation Agency) investigates deeply into the matter and truth prevails.

Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat
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