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Is Raha Kapoor the richest star kid in B-town now?

In the heart of Mumbai’s Bandra was spotted Alia Bhatt, with husband Ranbir Kapoor and mother-in-law Neetu Kapoor together at their under-construction bungalow. According to a reporter of Bollywood Life, Ranbir will be ‘naming’ the bungalow under his beloved daughter, Raha Kapoor. This will make little Raha the richest and youngest star kid in B-town.

The new bungalow cost ‘₹250 crores’ to Ranbir and his family. It beat Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat and Amitabh Bachchan’s Jalsa. A source quoted, “Ranbir and Alia are both investing their hard-earned money to make their dream house. The house will cost more than ₹250 crores once it’s all done. And this will become the most expensive bungalow in the Mumbai area compared with Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat and Amitabh Bachchan’s Jalsa.”

Raha Kapoor – Possibly the richest Bollywood star kid

The source added, “It is also said that Ranbir Kapoor, who is madly and deeply in love with his daughter Raha Kapoor, will name the bungalow in her name, and this will make the little one the richest star kid in the B-Town. Along with this massive bungalow, both Alia and Ranbir own four flats in the Bandra area and the worth is more than ₹60 crore.”

It is important to remember that although these gifts from family members are tax-free in India at the time of receipt, any profits or income from these assets in the future will be subject to taxes, according to a Live Mint report.

Neetu Kapoor – Co-owner of the bungalow

Ranbir’s mother aka Raha’s grandmother, Neetu Kapoor will be the co-owner of the bungalow. Neetu Kapoor is also the half-owner of all properties of her husband, the late actor Rishi Kapoor, as confirmed by sources. According to sources, Neetu Kapoor also bought a lavish house worth ₹15 crore in the Bandra area itself.

It is also speculated that once the bungalow is ready, the entire Kapoor family will be living together. At the moment, Ranbir and Alia live with their daughter, Raha at Vastu.

Oindrila Saha
Oindrila Saha
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