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Israel strike on Iran’s embassy in Syria kills 11 including 2 Generals

As per SANA( Syria’s Official news agency) report, “Israel's strike destroyed Iranian consulate building near Mazzeh, Damascus". Brig Gen Md Reza Zahedi and Brig Gen Md Hadi Haji Rahimi among the dead


According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitor, Israel strike on the Iranian embassy annex building in Damascus has killed 11.

It is the 5th strike on Syria in last 8 days. Few days before this attack, 53 were killed by the Israeli strike in Syria. It included 38 soldiers, and seven from the Hezbollah family, which is backed by Iran. 

The AFP images clearly display a huge pile of debris by the side of the fenced compound. Th images received are an active proof of the massive destruction of the building, which is heinous.

Rami A Rahman, head of the British Observatory clarified that the strike killed eight Iranians, two Syrians, and one Lebanese. The number rose to 11 which was previously eight. 

Syria’s Ministry of Defence says, ‘Though 11 have been killed in the Israel strike, countless others were hurt and injured’. He also mentioned that the attack was denounced by Faisal Mekdad, Syria’s Defence Minister after he personally visited the site.

Mekdad condemned this heinous act and signalled that Iran would reply back. He blamed the Israeli’s force for the death of innocent people and for the massive destruction.

Israel strike: Iran is revengeful

Israel has not yet commented on this as of now. But, this act steps up strikes on Iranian militant groups amid the Gaza war against Hamas since Oct 7.

Syria has been continualy targeting Israel from October ever since Israel began to fight the militants from Hamas in Gaza. Iran offers extensive support to Hezbollah and Hamas, the anticipated reason for the strike. Both these militant groups are Israel’s bitter enemies.

As per reports from the Iranian media, the Damascus strike has destroyed the building, no harm to the ambassador though. Reports from Iran’s Nour news agency tell, “the Israeli attack caused no harm to Hossein Akbari. He is the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus, and his family also, is safe.

Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat
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