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List of 100 Richest Indians in 2023

In this blog, we're keeping it real simple—diving into the list of the 100 richest Indians.


Every year, the number of super-rich folks nearly doubles. Some are rising stars, making their debut on the richest list, while others are seeing a rapid decline. In this blog, we’re keeping it real simple—diving into the list of the 100 richest Indians. These aren’t just money moguls; they’re the the most influential personalities of the year too.

RankNameNet WorthIndustry
1Mukesh Ambani$92 BDiversified
2Gautam Adani$68 BDiversified
3Shiv Nadar$29.3 BTechnology
4Savitri Jindal & Family$24 BMetals & Mining
5Radhakishan Damani$23 BFashion & Retail
6Cyrus Poonawalla$20.7 BHealthcare
7Hinduja Brothers$20 BDiversified
8Dilip Shanghvi$19 BHealthcare
9Kumar Birla$17.5 BDiversified
10Shapoor Mistry & Family$16.9 BDiversified
11Sunil Mittal$16.8 BTelecom
12Godrej Family$16.7 BDiversified
13Lakshmi Mittal$15.9 BMetals & Mining
14Bajaj Family$15 BDiversified
15Uday Kotak$13.4 BFinance & Investments
16Kushal Pal Singh$11.9 BReal Estate
17Azim Premji$11.6 BTechnology
18Ravi Jaipuria$11.5 BFood & Beverage
19Madhukar Parekh & Family$11.1 BManufacturing
20Burman Family$8.9 BFood & Beverage
21Kuldip Singh & Gurbachan Singh Dhingra$8.2 BManufacturing
22Dani Family$8 BManufacturing
23Sudhir & Samir Mehta$7.9 BHealthcare
24Hasmukh Chudgar & Family$7.7 BHealthcare
25Murugappa Family$7.3 BDiversified
26Benu Gopal Bangur$7.2 BManufacturing
27M.A. Yusuff Ali$7.1 BFashion & Retail
28Rekha Jhunjhunwala$7 BFinance & Investments
29Ramesh and Rajeev Juneja & Family$6.9 BHealthcare
30Vinod and Anil Rai Gupta & Family$6.7 BManufacturing
31Mangal Prabhat Lodha$6.6 BReal Estate
32Inder Jaisinghani & Family$6.4 BManufacturing
33Murali Divi & Family$6.3 BHealthcare
34Mahendra Choksi & Family$6.2 BManufacturing
35Vikram Lal & Family$6.1 BAutomotive
36Pankaj Patel$6 BHealthcare
37Harsh Mariwala & Family$5.9 BFood & Beverage
38Girdhari Lal Bawri, Rajendra Agarwal and Banwari Lal Bawri$5.85 BHealthcare
39Kapil & Rahul Bhatia$5.8 BService
40Nithin and Nikhil Kamath & Family$5.5 BFinance & Investments
41Vakil Family$5.3 BManufacturing
42Vijay Chauhan & Family$5 BFood & Beverage
43Muthoot Family$4.9 BFinance & Investments
44Renuka Jagtiani$4.8 BFashion & Retail
45Leena Tewari$4.75 BHealthcare
46Sridhar Vembu & siblings$4.7 BTechnology
47Singh Family$4.6 BHealthcare
48N.R. Narayana Murthy$4.5 BTechnology
49Chandru Raheja$4.45 BReal Estate
50Joy Alukkas$4.4 BFashion & Retail
51Yusuf Hamied & Family$4.3 BHealthcare
52Nusli Wadia$4.2 BFood & Beverage
53Vivek Chaand Sehgal & Family$4.1 BAutomotive
54P.P. Reddy & P.V. Krishna Reddy$4.05 BConstruction & Engineering
55Baba Kalyani$3.8 BAutomotive
56Ajay Piramal$3.75 BHealthcare
57Shamsheer Vayalil$3.7 BHealthcare
58Vikas Oberoi$3.65 BReal Estate
59Arvind Poddar & Family$3.64 BAutomotive
60Dilip & Anand Surana$3.6 BHealthcare
61Salil Singhal & Family$3.55 BManufacturing
62Pawan Munjal & Family$3.5 BAutomotive
63Karsanbhai Patel$3.45 BDiversified
64Ravi Modi$3.4 BFashion & Retail
65Sandeep Engineer & Family$3.35 BManufacturing
66Abhay Firodia$3.3 BAutomotive
67Senapathy Gopalakrishnan$3.25 BTechnology
68Acharya Balkrishna$3.23 BFood & Beverage
69Ravi Pillai$3.2 BConstruction & Engineering
70Rajan Raheja & Family$3.15 BDiversified
71Bajranglal Taparia & Family$3.14 BManufacturing
72Arun Bharat Ram$3.11 BManufacturing
73Yadu Hari Dalmia & Family$3.1 BManufacturing
74Shyam & Hari Bhartia$3.05 BDiversified
75Reddy Family$3 BHealthcare
76Harsh Goenka$2.95 BDiversified
77Nandan Nilekani$2.94 BTechnology
78Sunny Varkey$2.93 BService
79Lachhman Das Mittal$2.92 BAutomotive
80Gupta Family$2.91 BHealthcare
81Vivek Jain$2.9 BManufacturing
82Kalanithi Maran$2.85 BMedia & Entertainment
83Amalgamations Family$2.84 BManufacturing
84Sanjiv Goenka$2.8 BDiversified
85Sunder Genomal & Family$2.79 BFashion & Retail
86Ranjan Pai$2.75 BHealthcare
87Anu Aga$2.7 BConstruction & Engineering
88Falguni Nayar$2.65 BFashion & Retail
89Rafique Malik$2.62 BFashion & Retail
90Anand Mahindra$2.6 BDiversified
91Nirmal Minda$2.55 BAutomotive
92Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw$2.52 BHealthcare
93Anurang Jain & Family$2.5 BManufacturing
94Prathap Reddy$2.48 BHealthcare
95Venu Srinivasan$2.46 BAutomotive
96Bhadresh Shah$2.45 BManufacturing
97K. Dinesh$2.4 BTechnology
98P.V. Ramprasad Reddy$2.35 BHealthcare
99R.G. Chandramogan$2.34 BFood & Beverage
100K.P. Ramasamy & Family$2.3 BManufacturing
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