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MI vs CSK Match 29 Analysis : Pandya’s yet Another Failure as MI Captain, Juxtapositioned with Gaikwad’s Leadership

CSK's Ruturaj Gaikwad showcased exceptional captaincy skills, leading his team to their first away win and MI's first defeat at home.


In a thrilling encounter, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) emerged victorious against Mumbai Indians (MI) in Match 29 of IPL 2024. CSK’s Ruturaj Gaikwad showcased exceptional captaincy skills, leading his team to their first away win and MI’s first defeat at home. Gaikwad’s tactical decisions and intelligent leadership were instrumental in securing the win. His brilliant knock of 69 off 40 balls further solidified his impact on the game.

Matheesha Pathirana’s career-best figures of 4/28 added to CSK’s success, and Gaikwad effectively utilized him to dismiss key players like Ishan Kishan, who threw his wicket playing the ball straight into the hands of Shardul Thakur, despite him being the only leg-side fielder to be inside the 30 yard circle. If captaincy were considered while awarding Man of the Match, it would undoubtedly go to Gaikwad for his aforementioned contributions, not to mention the impact player feature which was used well by Gaikwad paid off and Pathirana became the Man of the Match in that game.

CSK, despite a shaky start in the powerplay, made a remarkable comeback with scintillating fifties from Ruturaj Gaikwad and Shivam Dube. Gaikwad led the team with great responsibility displaying astute captaincy skills. His wise utilization of bowlers and strategic field placements played a significant role in saving crucial runs and securing important wickets. For instance, the dismissal of the dangerous Suryakumar Yadav, caught by Mustafizur Rahman at the boundary off Matheesha Pathirana’s bowling, showcased the team’s anticipation and coordination, reminiscent of Lockie Ferguson’s dismissal of Shubman Gill in the ODI World Cup 2023.

MI’s defeat cannot be solely attributed to their batting struggles, as CSK outclassed them in all aspects of the game. While Rohit Sharma’s century (his first since 2012) provided MI with hope, the lack of support from other batsmen and their rash shots hindered their pursuit of victory. Tim David’s brief cameo consisting of two sixes off Mustafizur Rahman gave MI a glimmer of hope, however he too threw his wicket just as MI’s hopes were getting high, followed by Romario Shepherd being clean bowled and Mohammad Nabi being unable to play aggressively ultimately led to MI’s defeat.

Hardik Pandya’s struggles as a captain were once again evident in the MI vs CSK match. He not only failed to provide adequate support to Rohit Sharma with the bat but also made questionable decisions during the run chase. His wide-ball review, similar to his past blunders, added unnecessary pressure on the team and showcased his lack of composure. Furthermore, Pandya’s loose bowling (Dhoni’s 20 off 4 which was also the margin of defeat for MI) resulted in impactful runs for CSK, while his own dismissal for a mediocre score further intensified the pressure on MI. Despite displaying some improvement by reducing unnecessary changes in the playing XI, Pandya’s decision-making and strategic planning in crucial moments require refinement.

In contrast, Ruturaj Gaikwad’s captaincy shone through as he effectively utilized his bowlers and implemented innovative field placements. Although Pandya’s decision to bowl the final over was bold, it ultimately contributed to MI’s defeat, highlighting his inability to handle the pressure. His failure to utilize Shreyas Gopal against Gaikwad-Dube duo, being chicken hearted in taking that risk which could have potentially paid off and giving him only one over despite him being a mainstream bowler is also a glaring mistake.

CSK’s victory can be credited to their team’s exceptional performance, Gaikwad’s astute captaincy, and MI’s batting struggles. Gaikwad’s leadership prowess was evident in his wise utilization of bowlers and strategic field placements. CSK will aim to maintain their momentum in the upcoming matches, while MI needs to address their team and captaincy issues to secure consistent victories and increase their chances of qualifying for the playoffs.

In summary, CSK’s Ruturaj Gaikwad led his team to a thrilling victory over MI in Match 29 of IPL 2024. His intelligent captaincy and crucial knock of 69 off 40 balls set the foundation for CSK’s success. Matheesha Pathirana’s exceptional bowling also played a significant role. MI’s defeat was a result of their batting struggles and Hardik Pandya’s shortcomings as a captain. CSK’s victory highlighted their superior performance in all aspects of the game. Going forward, CSK will look to maintain their winning streak, while MI needs to regroup and address their team and captaincy issues to secure consistent victories.

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