Saturday, June 15, 2024

Om & Swastik Signs on Footwalk Tiles Sparks Outrage on Social Media


A video has gone viral of a church in Andhra Pradesh on social media. The video shows how the church has used divine Hindu symbols on its footwalk tiles. The Trinity Diva Mandir is the premise that drove into the controversy. It is located in the Mangalapur area of the Telegu-speaking state.

Many people shared the clip online and expressed their rage and hatred over how the tiles were placed. To the unversed, the viral video shows the Andhra church using the Om and Swatisk signs in a disgraceful manner. The symbols are considered divine in Hinduism.

The church could’ve used those tiles on the walls of the church or the sanctum sanctorum but they chose to use them on the floors where the visitors would stamp their feet and walk into the church. This has caused a lot of offense among the Hindu community.

However, it is unclear as to whether the tiles were yet to get covered as construction seemed to be going on. The claim that circulated on social media read, “A Church in Andhra uses Om and Swastika as tiles for Converted Hindus to walk on.”

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