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PM Narendra Modi Met Top Gamers from India : Played Games like a PRO

Amidst the electoral fever preceding the Lok Sabha polls, Prime Minister Modi spoke with a group of online gamers.


On Thursday, a selected group of Indian gamers met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At their meeting with the Prime Minister, seven gamers – Animesh Agrawal, Naman Mathur, Mithilesh Patankar, Payal Dhare, Tirth Mehta, Ganesh Gangadhar, and Anshu Bisht, discussed the growing popularity of the gaming sector in India.

The conversation covered everything from the rise in Indian mythology-themed video games to the government’s acknowledgment of creative gaming.

Following the conversation, PM Modi experimented with a variety of games on multiple platforms, such as VR, mobile, and PC/console games. The game “Raji: An Ancient Epic” was one of them.

Let’s Talk About The Gamers who Met PM Narendra Modi

1. Naman Mathur

With millions of fans and subscribers, Naman Mathur was one of the gamers among the other seven. “Mortal” is a 26-year-old professional esports player and content creator, particularly known for his expertise in the PUBG Mobile game. He has 5.3M followers on his Instagram, known by @ig_mortal. And has a channel on YouTube with 70 lakh subscribers. His estimated net worth is over ₹ 16 crore. He is also the co-founder of S8UL Sports, a gaming organisation dedicated to promoting esports in India.

2. Animesh Agarwal

Animesh Agarwal received an invitation to meet the PM as well. Animesh has 841K Instagram followers, and is known by @8bit_thug. He also has a 10.5 lakh YouTube subscribers. His estimatedd net worth is ₹ 2 crore. He has represented India in PUBG Mobile’s inaugural international tournament and is the co-founder of 8 Bit Creatives and S8UL Sports. 

3. Mithilesh Patankar

Mithilesh Patankar talked about the contemporary scenario with the other gamers. In addition, Mithilesh represents Intel Gaming as a brand ambassador. He has 1.47 crore YouTube subscribers. His Instagram handle is @mythpat, where he has 3.4M Instagram followers. His net worth is approximately ₹ 1.85 Crore. He is the only Indian nominated for the Streamy Awards twice. 

4. Payal Dhare

Among all the boys, Payal was the only female gamer there. She is known as @payalgamingg on Instagram, and has a following of 3.1M. She also has an YouTube channel with 37.1 lakh subscribers. Her net worth is approximately ₹ 5 Crore. She won the Dynamic Gaming Creator of the Year Award in Creators United 2023. 

5. Ganesh Gangadhar

Ganesh Gangadhar, who has 1.58 lakh YouTube subscribers and 58.5K Instagram followers, was one of the gamers invited to meet the Prime Minister. His Instagram handle is, @skrossi_. He is the first person to represent India in the Valorant Champions Tour.

6. Teerth Mehta

On this list is Teerth Mehta as well. Teerth isn’t on Instagram as much as other gamers, either. Just two posts have been made by him on this page, and they are both about his meeting with Prime Minister Modi. His Instagram is @gcttirth, and YouTube channel’s name is gcttirth where he has uploaded around 80 videos. He won India’s first-ever esports bronze medal at the Asian Games 2018.

6. Anshu Bisht

Anshu Bisht, 26, is a well-known minecraft player who goes by the online handle “Gamerfleet.” He is well-known on YouTube for his vlogs and streams, and has 38.3 lakh subscribers. He also has an Instagram with 1.7M followers. His Instagram handle is @gamerfleetog.

Agarwal and Patankar shared their experience on social media, stating “Our recent conversation with the Prime Minister was enlightening. His forward-thinking approach poised to make a signifiacnt impact in India.”

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