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Ravindra Jadeja’s Father Accuses Daughter-in-law of Family Discord


In a recent interview with Divya Bhaskar, Anirudhsinh Jadeja, the father of renowned Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, has made startling allegations against his daughter-in-law, Rivaba Jadeja. The accusations revolve around claims that Rivaba is responsible for creating a rift within the family.

Anirudhsinh Jadeja’s Interview with Divya Bhaska

Anirudhsinh disclosed that within three months of Ravindra’s marriage to Rivaba, issues began to surface. He stated that Rivaba insisted on transferring everything to her name, leading to a breakdown in the family dynamic. Currently residing alone in Jamnagar, Anirudhsinh revealed that he shares no relationship with his son and daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Ravindra and Rivaba reside in a separate bungalow in the same city.

Anirudhsinh further revealed that the family has not seen their granddaughter’s face in five years, highlighting the depth of the estrangement. The accusations and counter-responses have left fans and the public intrigued about the future of this high-profile family dispute.

Jadeja Responds on Social Media

In response to these accusations, Ravindra Jadeja took to social media to address the situation. In a note written in Gujarati, the cricketer expressed his disappointment with the scripted interview and urged his father not to tarnish the image of his wife. He labeled the claims in the interview as meaningless and false, denying them as one-sided comments.

Family Matters or Public Spectacle?

The public exchange between Ravindra Jadeja and his father has brought the family matters into the limelight. The note on social media emphasizes the desire to avoid revealing more in public, indicating that there may be deeper issues at play within the family.

Cricket Comeback Amidst Controversy

While this family drama unfolds, Ravindra Jadeja has been recovering from a hamstring injury that caused him to miss the second Test. The cricket team’s management remains confident that Jadeja will make a comeback on his home ground, showing progress in his recovery.

Political Angle in Family Discord

Adding another layer to the controversy, Rivaba Jadeja is a sitting BJP MLA from the Jamnagar (north) seat. She contested against Naynaba, Ravindra’s sister, who represented the Congress party. Anirudhsinh expressed regret over his son’s marriage and lamented the family’s current situation.

As the saga continues, it remains to be seen how the Jadeja family navigates through these turbulent times, both in the public eye and behind closed doors.

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