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Rupali Ganguli Joins BJP: Will Anupama Fame Actress Quit Acting Now? 

Rupali Ganguli is Anupama, Monisha from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai apart from several other roles and now she is a politician. Now that she has joined BJP, will Rupali quit acting? Who will be the new Anupama? 


By now everyone knows that Rupali Ganguli, your favorite Anupama, has joined the BJP. Currently, she is part of the show but who knows what happens next? Making headlines, Rupali joined BJP and signed the papers in the BJP Headquarters on Wednesday, in Delhi. 

Fans are curious to know whether she will quit acting after joining the party, or will she continue to act? Here is everything about you must know: 

Rupali Ganguli Joins BJP: Blessed to be part of Modiji ki Sena 

Rupali Ganguli is overwhelmed after making her first political stint and gives all the credit to PM Narender Modi and his magnanimous leadership which made her realize her duty to the nation. 

“ I always wanted to do something for the country. I am really lucky that I got the chance to serve my country under Modi ji’s leadership. He is the leader who brings everyone together. I am a big fan of his personality, his way of working, the kind of leader he is. The way he has changed the face of our country, I’m sure everyone wants to be part of Modi ki Sena. I also felt the same and joined the party.” 

Anupama or BJP: What’s the Plan now? 

Ever since the news of Rupali joining BJP is out, fans are curious to know, will she quit acting? Will someone replace her as Anupama now? This is what the talented actress has to say: 

“ The show Anupama is like my child. I can never, ever even think about quitting Anupama. Acting is my first love and will always be. I can manage both acting and politics very well, but Anupama will always be my priority.” 

Rupali Career 

Currently, Rupali Ganguli is ruling hearts as lead actress in Anupama show. Infact, most of the Indian household address her now as Anupama only. She is immensely popular and has a massive fan following of 2.9M followers on Instagram. 

Rupali is the daughter of famous director Anil Ganguli. She started her career as a child actor. When she was just 7 years old, she acted in the movie Saheb, but she rose to fame with the show ‘Sanjeevani: A Medical Boon’. She also took part in Bigg Boss Season 1, and acted in the famous show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’. 

In the year 2013, she took a break of 7 years after acting in Parvarish, which was also a very popular show with Shweta Tiwari as co actor. She made a grand comeback in the television industry with the show Anupama, which is the top running show on television today. 

Rupali Ganguli Personal Life 

Rupali married her long time businessman boyfriend Ashwin Sharma in 2013 and they also have a son. Apart from acting, Rupali worked in various other projects to climb the ladder to success. 

On an emotional note, she shares, “ Papa had gone bankrupt. We had no money and were barely surviving. That was when I took up different projects to support my family. I did theater, worked as a voice-over-artist and did countless side roles. We couldn’t afford a taxi back then, and did not own a car. I always traveled to work by bus and rickshaw.” 

Net Worth 

Hard Work indeed pays off! After navigating through countless days of struggle, Rupali has earned the fame and recognition she very well deserves. She is one of the highest paid TV actresses today and charges Rs 1-1.5 lakh per episode in Anupama. Apart from this, she earns a total of 2-3 crores annually from other brand endorsements. In total, Rupali Ganguli net worth is estimated to be 25 Crores rupees. 

We wish her lots of luck for her political career! 

Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat
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