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SIT Probes High-Profile Politician: Shocking Details Unveiled!

JD(S) MP and its candidate from Hassan Lok Sabha seat Prajwal Revanna.


The JD(S) suspended its Hassan candidate Prajwal Revanna. It was days after the Karnataka government established a Special Investigation Team (SIT). The SIT was arranged to look into the MP’s purported involvement in a sex abuse case.

Another accused is his father, HD Revanna, the MLA for Holenarasipura. As well as the son of former prime minister HD Deve Gowda.

G T Deve Gowda, head of the JD(S) core committee, announced the decision. He stated that Revanna was suspended by the party due to the video issue. He said, “We have recommended suspension to JD(S) national president H D Deve Gowda.”

Sexual abuse allegations against Prajwal Revanna

After hearing allegations from his former housekeeper, Prajwal Revanna was arrested on April 28 in connection with an alleged case of sexual harassment. The IPC’s sections 354A, 354D, 506, and 509 have registered the complaint due to allegations of sexual harassment, intimidation, and degrading of a woman’s dignity.

Here’s what the former CM about Prajwal Revanna

According to his uncle, former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy, the suspension would last till the SIT investigation is finished. He went on, “If his role is proven, then he will be suspended permanently.”

He further said: “The reason for this decision is that JD(S) will not allow any woman or family to be meted injustice in such an issue. There is a conspiracy to spoil our family’s name using the issue. Their objective is not to protect women. Using this case, by raking H D Deve Gowda’s name and Kumaraswamy’s name repeatedly… what is the connection with Deve Gowda and me?”

He also asked, “On social media, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being tagged. What is the connection between the PM and this case? What is his role?”


After watching online clips of other victims describing their experiences, the woman who filed the complaint informed the Holenarasipura police that she decided to come forward and identify Revanna and Prajwal. She described her situation in detail, claiming that the assault happened between 2019 and 2022. The FIR filed against Prajwal, along with hers and other complaints, will be forwarded to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) led by Additional General of Police Bijay Kumar Singh. Suman D. Pennekar and Seema Latkar, two IPS officers, are members of the team.

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