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Thanksgiving 2024: Date, Significance, History and Wishes 

Thanksgiving 2024 is a national holiday in America which is cherished deeply. On this day, families enjoy festive meals together, express gratitude for the abundance in their lives and celebrate the joy of togetherness.


Thanksgiving day is the big feast of gratitude! It is celebrated as a national holiday across different countries, but the dates vary slightly.  Thanksgiving day is a big celebration in the United States, Canada, Saint Lucia, Liberia, and even in Brazil, Germany, and the Philippines. Not just limited to those spots – thanksgiving is also a vibe in the Dutch town of Leiden and on Norfolk Island. 

If you don’t know what is Thanksgiving, when will Thanksgiving 2024 be celebrated, or how to celebrate Thanksgiving, I’ve got you covered! Stay here to know everything about Thanksgiving Day 2024. 

What Is Thanksgiving ? 

Thanksgiving Day is the national holiday in America which is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November every year. It has been a sacred tradition since the 17th century in America when the native Amercians and the pilgrims celebrated the abundant harvest and thanked each other for cooperation. 

Ever since then, it became a tradition in the United States to celebrate the harvest season with a festive family feast and to express gratitude to each other. 

When Is Thanksgiving 2024?

Thanksgiving Day 2024 will be celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November 2024. So, Thanksgiving 2024 will be celebrated on November 28, 2024. 

How To Celebrate Thanksgiving 2024 

Gratitude and the joy of sharing is the main spirit of Thanksgiving 2024. Here are a few ways in which you can celebrate the joyful day of thanksgiving with your family: 

  • A lovely feast: Plan a get together with your family and friends and don’t forget to include turkey and cranberry desserts alongside other delicacies; 
    • Speech of gratitude: Raise a toast to all the blessings you have had throughout the year and express deep gratitude for each family member for their contribution; 
    • A small token of giving back: Give it back to the community by organising a small food-drive for the homeless and offer sweets to the neighbours;
    • Enjoy the parade: Enjoy the Thanksgiving parade with your family and friends. It’s a lovely tradition which features big balloons and performances. 
    • Watch football: It’s also a lovely tradition to watch NFL ( National Football league) matches after the family get together; 
    • Share: Share true and honest stories of love in your life, abundance, gratitude and give back the warmth of love you have received from the members in your life;
    • Craft and Decoration: Plan a creative table setting for the Thanksgiving feast. It could be fresh flowers, unique DIY crafts and some lovely centrepieces for the decor. 

    Thanksgiving History 

    Thanksgiving is an ancient and deep rooted cultural fest in the United States which goes back to the time when  European pilgrims came to settle in North America. The pilgrims celebrated the success of harvest with the Native Americans in 1621 for the first time. 

    Post that, Thanksgiving was declared as a national holiday and an annual celebration by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. 

    Thanksgiving 2024 Best Wishes and Messages 

    Here are a few best Thanksgiving wishes and messages which you can send to your friends and loved ones on 28 November 2024: 

    1. “ I’m so happy and grateful that we could all come together today. Happy Thanksgiving! Many more to come.” 
    2. “ When it’s about family, I have the best! Happy Turkey everyone!” 
    3. “We love, we cry, we laugh and we live! I just would not want it any other way. Happy Thanksgiving to the pieces of my heart!”
    4. “I am grateful to have a family who loves eating as much as I do.” Happy Thanksgiving!
    5. “Happy Thanksgiving from across the miles to your heart. Keeping you in my prayers at all times. Thank you for making my life bright.” 

    Thanksgiving 2024 Hashtags 

    Use these Thanksgiving hashtags to amp your Thanksgiving wishes: 

    1. #thanksgiving
    2. #happyturkeyday
    3. #gratefulandhappy
    4. #thanksgivinggfeast
    5. #thanksgivingparty 

    Wrapping It Up

    Thanksgiving is the official day to thank and express heartfelt gratitude to our loved ones. As life happens, we as humans, start taking each other for granted. We don’t remain grateful to the Superpower who blesses us each day.

    Celebrate Thanksgiving 2024 with a heart full of love and gratitude and let your family know how blessed you feel to have them. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    Jyoti Sehrawat
    Jyoti Sehrawat
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