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This Truck Driver Built a Home from YouTube Earning, Catches Attention of Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra highlighted the lessons to be learned from Rajesh Rawani, the well-known "truck driver vlogger" in India, in his Monday Motivation post.


Rajesh Rawani, the well-known “truck driver vlogger” in India. In a post posted on April 8, the businessman shared several lessons you may take away from the man. Rajesh, a professional truck driver, has 1.47 million subscribers to his R Rajesh Vlogs YouTube channel.

Rajesh shares an online his everyday life as a truck driver. He records himself cooking several meals and shares them with his followers.

Mahindra posted a video of Rajesh preparing “Desi Chicken” in his truck while traveling from Hyderabad to Patna. “Rajesh Rawani, who’s been a truck driver for over 25 years, added food and travel vlogging to his profession and & is now a celebrity with 1.5M followers on YouTube,” Mahindra posted, expressing his admiration for Rajesh.

In the same post, Mahindra listed two things that we all can learn from Rajesh Rawani.

“He just bought a new home with his earnings. He’s demonstrated that no matter your age or how modest your profession, it’s never too late to adapt to new technology and to REINVENT yourself. He’s my #MondayMotivation.”

See Anand Mahindra’s post here:

“So nice of you sir, by promoting the common man on ground, you have made his day and also of all others by sharing to motivate the hard work being done,” Mahindra’s post sparked wide excitement among social media users.

“Kudos to all such people. Another example of how digital revolution is transforming people, society, lives. May more get energised with this positive post,” another X user commented below his post.

Most importantly, this: “It’s never too late to try something new and succeed. Rajesh’s story is proof that passion and dedication can take you far.”

Some famous recipes that Rajesh kept cooking during his journeys are Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry, Fish Curry, and ‘Litti Chokha’.

Here are some of Rajesh’s videos:

Rajesh Rawani also has a huge Instagram presence with 816K followers.

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