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Titanic Sinks Once Again: Bernard Hill dies at 79

Bernard Hill dies at 79. He was amously known as Captain Smith of the stellar ship, Titanic and as King Theoden in Lord of the Ring Triology.


On Sunday morning, tragic news breaks the internet as Bernard Hill dies at 79. The late actor was best known as Captain Edward Smith in Titanic, and King Theoden in Lord of the Rings.

Not to miss, the late iconic actor enjoyed a very successful career in movies, television and theatre! Titanic was the biggest hit of his career, which went to win an Oscar in 1997. Fans poured immense love as King Theoden in Lord of the Ring Series and have flooded X by paying tribute.

Barbara Dickson, a Scottish folk musician shared this piece of unfortunate news on X, that broke millions of hearts!

Bernard Hill : Captain Edward J Smith, We”ll Miss You

In grief, fans mourn the death of the iconic actor and remember his marvelous performances! Bernard Hill received immense love and accolades for his outstanding career but he will always be Captain Edward J Smith. 

For Captain Smith, Titanic was his pride, his child! If you don’t know,” Bernard Hill was the Captain and Naval officer, Edward J Smith in Titanic.

Fans expressed their grief on X, sharing their love and feelings for the late actor. A fan wrote, “ Ah, that’s very sad! We were just missing the black stuff boys the other day! And that part when he is just done and enters the pond. Amazing actor! We’ll miss you Ben!” 

‘Fellowship of Fans’, an X handle paid a heartfelt tribute to the late actor. 

Sunday morning on May 5, 2024, Bernard’s agent confirmed the news that Bernard Hill dies. Throughout his time in hospital, Alison, his fiancee and Gabriel, his son, were by his side, holding hands.

Lord of the Ring Actor Pay Tribute

As the news, Bernard Hill dies took to the internet, the Hobbits in the Lord of the Ring triology Elijah Wood ( Sam), Sean Astin ( Merry), Dominic Monaghan ( Merry) and Billu Boyd ( Pippin), paid tribute to the late actor in Liverpool.

” We love him, and forever will. Bernard was funny, beautiful, firm and hell of an actor. We will miss him.”

Boyd said,” No one spoke words of Tolkein as greatly as Bernard did. He will be missed too much. This broke my heart.”

Bernard Hill Movies And TV Shows

Bernard enjoyed consistent success in the film and also, in the television industry. And, he was all set to return to television with Series Two of The Responder, starting on Sunday. 

Lindsay Salt, the big cheese at BBC Drama, took a moment to tip their hat to Hill, said, “Bernard Hill  was a legend! His career’s been a rollercoaster of epic performances, and let me tell you, his talent’s off the charts. May God give immense strength to his family.”

Bernard will also be remembered greatly for Boys from the Blackstuff, where he brought Yosser Hughes to life! Yosser, with his “Gizza job” plea, had us all hooked. The show snagged a Bafta back in ’83, and scored a top ten spot on the British Film Institute’s all-time best TV shows list in 2000. 

Wolf Hall, the 2015 BBC Series, was another one of Bernard Hill’s outstanding performances. Well, this was based on Hilary Mantel’s book, about Henry VIII’s court and Bernard was the Duke of Norfolk.

Not to miss, other memorable roles in Bernard’s long career were BBC TV Series-I 1976, Claudius, Gandhi ( 1982), Shirley Valentine ( 1989), Scorpion King ( 2002) and Valkyrie ( 2008).

On Saturday, Bernard had to attend the Comic Con in Liverpool but due to poor health, it led to the last minute cancellation. Soon, the reason for this became evident very when news of his death surfaced all over the internet.

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