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Indian-origin Family Including a Teenager Daughter Found Dead Inside a Lavish Mansion

The Kamal family, originally from India, had established themselves in the tech industry in the United States.


New Delhi, December 30, 2023: An Indian-origin family, the Kamals, residing in a lavish Massachusetts mansion, has been discovered dead. The bodies of 57-year-old Rakesh Kamal, his wife Teena (54), and their 18-year-old daughter Ariana were found in their $5 million estate on December 28, according to Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey.

The Kamal family, originally from India, had established themselves in the tech industry in the United States. Rakesh Kamal, an alumnus of prestigious institutions like Boston University, Stanford University, and MIT Sloan School of Management, had a successful career in education consulting. In 2016, he co-founded EduNova, an education systems company, with his wife Teena. The company, which initially thrived, faced financial turbulence and eventually dissolved in December 2021.

The family’s financial crisis deepened when their sprawling mansion, purchased for $4 million in 2019, went into foreclosure a year ago. It was later sold for $3 million, and the estate’s value was estimated at $5.45 million at the time of sale.

Teena Kamal, an alumna of Delhi University and Harvard University, filed for bankruptcy in September 2022, underscoring the financial distress the couple was experiencing.

The tragedy came to light when a relative, concerned about the lack of updates from the Kamal family, contacted the police on December 28 at 7.24 pm local time. The authorities found the family members dead in their mansion, prompting an ongoing investigation.

While the preliminary examination suggests a “deadly incident of domestic violence” with no external involvement, Morrissey emphasized that the conclusive motive would only be revealed after a thorough investigation. The medical examiner’s ruling will determine whether the incident is classified as a suicide or a murder.

Morrissey disclosed the discovery of a gun near Rakesh Kamal’s body, and further details await the results of the medical examiner’s report.

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