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Iran’s Airstrike in Balochistan Raises Tensions: Pakistan Warns of Consequences

Pakistan's foreign ministry summoned Tehran's top diplomat in Islamabad to protest the incident. The ministry stated, "This violation of Pakistan's sovereignty is completely unacceptable and can have serious consequences.


In a distressing incident, Iran conducted air strikes against militant bases in Pakistan’s Balochistan province on Tuesday, resulting in the death of two innocent children and injuring three girls. Pakistan’s foreign ministry condemned the “illegal” airstrike, describing it as an “unprovoked violation of its airspace.”

The exact location of the airstrike was not specified in the official statement, but reports on Pakistani social media indicated explosions in Balochistan province, along the nearly 1,000-kilometer border shared by the two countries.

Expressing its grave concern, Pakistan’s foreign ministry summoned Tehran’s top diplomat in Islamabad to protest the incident. The ministry stated, “This violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty is completely unacceptable and can have serious consequences.”

The tragic incident occurred late Tuesday, with the airstrike causing the unfortunate death of two children and injuring three girls. The statement emphasized the gravity of the situation, underscoring that such violations could lead to severe repercussions.

Notably, there was no immediate response from Iran regarding the incident.

Tensions between Iran and Pakistan have often revolved around accusations of both nations harboring militants operating from each other’s territories to launch attacks. While such accusations are common, official engagements leading to violence are rare.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Pakistan’s foreign ministry expressed its dismay at the occurrence despite the existence of communication channels between the two countries. The statement highlighted, “It is even more concerning that this illegal act has taken place despite the existence of several channels of communication between Pakistan and Iran.”

Emphasizing the need for coordinated action against terrorism, Pakistan reiterated its stance that terrorism poses a common threat to all countries in the region. The ministry stressed that unilateral actions, such as the recent airstrike, are contrary to the principles of good neighborly relations and can severely damage bilateral trust and confidence.

The incident raises questions about the stability of relations between the two neighboring nations and the potential consequences for regional cooperation. As both countries navigate these challenging circumstances, the international community watches closely for further developments.

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