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Suryavanshi Thakurs of Ayodhya to Wear Turbans and Footwear After 500 Years


The history of the Suryavanshi Thakurs is intricately woven with the Ram Janmabhoomi. Following the attack and destruction of the Ram Temple by Mughal forces five centuries ago, the forefathers of this community made a solemn vow. They pledged to refrain from wearing turbans, using umbrellas, and donning leather shoes until the reconstruction of the Ram Temple.

The community’s vow not to wear turbans, a symbolic gesture of sacrifice and solidarity, extended beyond Ayodhya to the 105 villages in the adjacent Basti district where Suryavanshi Kshatriyas reside. All these families proudly identify themselves as descendants of Bhagwan Rama.

The trauma of witnessing their pride and religion suffer under Mughal rule had led to generations of hesitation in donning the ceremonial safa. However, the rise of the Ram Mandir has breathed new life into the community’s traditions, especially during the auspicious month of Kartik.

With the approaching Pran Pratishtha Ceremony of the Ram Temple scheduled for January 22, the Suryavanshi Thakurs have embraced the ceremonial safa, breaking free from the chains of the centuries-old vow. The month of Kartik, traditionally significant for its religious observances, has become a symbol of redemption and renewed vigor for the community.

The inauguration of the Ram Temple holds profound significance for the Suryavanshi Thakurs, as it pays homage to Thakur Gajsingh, who led their defense against the Mughals five centuries ago. The temple’s completion is a testament to their resilience and unwavering commitment to reclaiming their heritage.

In conclusion, the breaking of this age-old vow by the Suryavanshi Thakurs is a poignant moment in Ayodhya’s history. As turbans adorn their heads once again, it symbolizes the triumph of faith, the restoration of pride, and the fulfillment of a promise made by their forefathers centuries ago.

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