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Truth Of Andrew Tate: Is He Really A Misogynist?

“ Women are responsible for their rape.”- Words of Millionaire Influencer Andrew Tate sparked a huge controversy and the world called him a self-proclaimed misogynist. But he has a different story to tell. Who is Andrew Tate and why Tate is so famous? Here is everything you need to know about Emory, aka Andrew Tate!


In a world where feminism is at an all time high and women are a superpower, here is the British-American influencer Andrew Tate, who has stirred up some serious drama with his unapologetic toxicity towards women. But if Andrew is to be believed, it’s all a made-up controversy and he has done, or said nothing wrong! 

“Umm, I’ve got mixed reviews on my Bugatti’s color. Some like it and some don’t. So, I asked, “What color is your Bugatti?”

You see, that is Andrew Tate!! So unabashed, unapologetic to flaunt his wealth and make hearts burn! Despite alleged crimes and controversies surrounding him, fans never stopped loving him. Here is the true story of Andrew Tate, his net worth and controversies. You’ll also know why Andrew Tate is so famous and how Andrew Tate makes money. 

Who Is Andrew Tate? 

Born in Chicago on December 1, 1986, Andrew Tate’s story takes a twist after his parents divorced each other and he moved to Luton with his mom. 

Now, this isn’t an average rags-to-riches tale! Andrew Tate didn’t just stumble upon wealth; he fought his way up, quite literally! He started kickboxing as he grew up and went on to become a four-time world champion. This earned him a legion of fans, especially among the youth. 

But Tate came to the spotlight when he entered the glitz and glamor of reality TV, Big Brother in 2016. After a video of him attacking a woman went viral, Tate was eliminated from the show. In 2017, Tate was also imprisoned for two days in a case and that was when he shifted to Romania.

Here’s the banger! Andrew Tate drew massive attention when he released a video of him saying, “I moved to Romania because there is no law here against rape-crimes.”

If rumors are to be believed, Andrew is a self-proclaimed misogynist. But if you believe Tate, all the allegations against him are a cooked up story. 

Andrew Tate is a self-made millionaire with wealth worth $710 million. And the crazy part? He promised his followers that if they stick with him and follow his ways, they can become millionaires too! 

Well, before you make up your mind and dream of dollars, let’s get to know Andree Tate more.   

Millionaire Andrew Tate: How Does Tate Make Money? 

Tate is a very popular public figure, known to flaunt his wealth among his fans and encourage them to follow him. He is known to live an ultra luxurious lifestyle with a collection of fancy cars, mansions, yachts and private jets.

Andrew Tate’s most famous business is his Hustler University. Through this platform, he teaches youth about how to become rich. The American kickboxer claims to have a net worth of $710 million. 

More than 136,000 young children are currently enrolled in his Hustler University. But it comes at a price – Rs 3600 each month from every student.

Other sources of Tate’s income are his Casino and Webcam business, The War Room, and Only Fans Management. 

Now, some of his ventures are still under the wraps,Tate knows how to go viral and grab the media attention! After his misogynistic talks and open declaration of treating women as subjects, he was banned from TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. But, before that, Andrew Tate was the darling of millions, thanks to his enviable lifestyle! 

Andrew Tate Arrest in Romania 

Andrew Tate, alongwith his brother Tristan, was arrested in Bucharest, Romania on December 30, 2022, upon allegations of human trafficking and rape. Two Romanian women were also arrested for being part of this crime group. 

And do you know how Andrew Tate was caught? He ordered a pizza, due to which the police came to know about his location. And alas! It’s not the pizza, but the police!! 

Although there have been serious allegations about human trafficking  and rape on Andrew Tate and brother, he calls both of them ‘very innocent’. 

Before his arrest on Dec 22, he had a slew of arguments with Greta Thunberg on Twitter, who is an environmental activist. He proudly claimed to have 33 cars and said, he won’t mind sending her the list of enormous emissions by his respective cars. That’s not all! Andrew often lands himself into trouble, but has fiercely unapologetic ways to guard his spirit. 

Andrew Tate on Hinduism  

Seems like anything Andrew says lands him in trouble! To make fun of the mere existence of other beings or things, has become Andrew’s way of life! 

In an interview, Andrew did not shy away from making fun of Hinduism for praying to Lord Ganesha. He also mocked Sikhs in his statement. 

“ Hindus? I mean, I dunno! I mean, the Sikhs used to be warriors but haven’t heard of Sikhs f*****g up anyone recently. And Hindus pray to elephants? C’mon! I’ve got better things to do!!!” 

Although this is not the first time that he insulted anyone and their beliefs, it has become his way of life!! But it’s not like he does not believe in God. Andrew is now a practicing Muslim after converting from Christianity. He defends his misogynist way of life and masculinity as God’s order and follows them verbatim. 

Andrew Tate Social Media Accounts Banned 

Despite all the drama, Andrew Tate has got 6.9 million followers on Twitter and a global fanbase. 

One of the most asked questions about him is, Why is Andrew Tate so famous? Well, let me spill the beans for you! 

Andrew Tate has never shied away from speaking his mind! He has made some very bold hate speeches in the past against women. For his misogynistic views and speeches which began to misguide the youth, his social media access was restricted. 

In August 2022, Facebook and Instagram banned Tate’s accounts, since he violated Meta’s policy of ‘dangerous individuals’. Before this ban, he had 4.7 million followers on Instagram. However, his Twitter account was reactivated after Elon Musk took over Twitter. 

Later, Andrew was also banned from YouTube and TikTok, due to his hate speeches. But, his fans have created thousands of fan pages, which fill the gap of his absence and his videos with #andrewtate have been viewed for about 250 millions times! 

Andrew Tate Quotes : Women, Success, Life and Masculinity 

Once you read these quotes by Andrew Tate, you’ll know him even better. Read Andrew Tate quotes and ideas on Women, success, life and masculinity. 

  1. Women should stop trying to be like men, instead should nurture their femininity.”
  2. “A Woman’s real power lies in inspiring and supporting her man.”
  3. “ I do not sleep with vaccinated women.” 
  4. “18-19 year old women are better than 25 year olds, because they have been through less dick.”
  5. “Women must not lead, they must follow.”
  6. “Women belong to men.”
  7. “Men can cheat; women can’t.”
  8. “ I say with no arrogance, I am the most desirable man on Earth.”
  9. “If you want to be successful, think like a winner.”
  10. “They’re like- You’re under arrest for an assault of dumb hoe.” 

Andrew Tate’s Cars Collection 

Andrew Tate has a boastful collection of swanky cars, and man, he has never been shy from flaunting them. Here is the list of enviable Andrew Tate Car Collection. 

Mclaren 720S$236,000
Mercedes AMGS63 Coupe $140,000
Ferrari 812 Superfast $325,000
Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport $4.3 Million 
Aston Martin DBS Superlaggera $305,000
Lamborghini Huracan Spyder $225,000

Final Words

While Andrew Tate fans and haters co-exist, there is one thing for sure! Andrew Tate is unabashed! Despite being caught so many times and receiving so much hatred by feminists and women activists in particular, this man does not stop making headlines, also money!!!

In today’s world, you can choose your God, right! While the police and activists strive hard to prove allegations right on this American Kickboxer, he continues to raise brows and capture attention! How well do you take Andrew Tate? Would you join the Hustlers? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! 

Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat
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