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Pakistan’s PTI Loses Cricket Bat Symbol: Setback to Imran Khan Before General Election


In a recent blow to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the supreme court of Pakistan has ruled against the party’s attempt to retain its long-standing electoral symbol, a cricket bat. This decision comes as another setback for the imprisoned former prime minister, Imran Khan, just weeks before the general election scheduled for 8th February.


Imran Khan’s PTI has been facing challenges, particularly a military-backed crackdown, as the party alleges that powerful army generals are working to sideline them from the upcoming election. The party’s accusations have been met with denial from the army. The significance of a party’s electoral symbol cannot be understated in a country where a considerable number of constituencies are situated in rural areas with lower literacy rates.

Supreme Court Ruling

Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa delivered the ruling in a late-night telecast on the top court’s website, rejecting PTI’s plea to retain the cricket bat symbol. This decision means that PTI candidates will now have to contest the election using individual symbols, potentially causing confusion among voters.

Impact on Election

The removal of the cricket bat symbol is deemed a significant blow to the PTI, as it necessitates a shift to individual symbols for their candidates. The party expressed its dissatisfaction with the decision, stating it to be the worst, affecting millions of voters. PTI’s chair, Barrister Gohar Khan, announced that their candidates would now stand as independents.

Election Commission’s Role

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) played a pivotal role in stripping PTI of its electoral symbol. The decision was based on technical grounds, citing that the party had not conducted internal elections, a prerequisite for any political party to participate in the national vote. PTI had contested this decision in the supreme court.

Election Scenario

The general election, initially scheduled for November, has experienced delays and a lackluster campaign environment. Imran Khan, aged 71, has been both jailed and disqualified from contesting. On the other hand, his main rival, three-time former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, has been cleared of all court cases and a lifetime ban, positioning him as a frontrunner. Analysts suggest that Sharif’s apparent advantage is attributed to military support, a crucial factor in a country where the military’s influence plays a pivotal role. The army maintains its stance as being apolitical.

Important Details:

  • Supreme Court Decision: The supreme court of Pakistan rejected PTI’s attempt to retain its cricket bat symbol in a recent ruling.
  • Symbol Removal Impact: PTI candidates will now contest the election using individual symbols, potentially confusing voters.
  • Party Allegations: PTI accuses the military of attempting to sideline them from the election, a charge the army denies.
  • Election Commission’s Role: The Election Commission of Pakistan stripped PTI of its symbol on grounds of not holding internal elections, a prerequisite for participation.
  • Election Dynamics: Imran Khan, jailed and disqualified, faces challenges in a lackluster election campaign. Nawaz Sharif, cleared of all charges, is seen as a frontrunner, with analysts citing military support as a key factor. The military maintains it is apolitical.
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