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Goldy Brar Is Alive: False News Of Gangster’s Death, Claims US Police 

Goldy Brar Encounter news was viral on May 1, 2024 but in a shocking revelation, the US Police has denied these false claims. Goldu Brar is alive and his death news was confused with some other gangster's death.


Goldy Brar is a terrorist, as declared by the Indian government and he has been closely associated with numerous hi-profile gangs like the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

He was also the mastermind behind Sidhu Moosewala’s death, the Punjabi singer who was shot dead in his car in Punjab. On May 1, 2024, news of his death surfaced all over the internet, bringing a sigh of relief to many but here is the truth: Goldy Brar is alive!

The US police has denied these claims and have affirmed that Goldy Brar is still alive. The news of his death was confused with the death of another gangster. While we await an official confirmation on the news by the Indian officials, here is everything you must know about Goldy Brar.

Who Is Goldy Brar?

Goldy Brar has many names. He is originally Satwinder Singh, also known as SatinderJit Singh. He hails from Muktsar, in Punjab and his father, Shamsher Singh, served as assistant sub-inspector in the Punjab police.

Originally, he was closely linked with the Babbar Khalsa group, a highly active terrorist group in Punjab, which was involved in numerous murders, ammunition smuggling and misled people into radical violence.

He went to Canada in 2017 on a student visa. With no criminal history at that time, it was easy for him to make the move. But as he had planned, he got actively involved with Lawrence Bishnoi operations in Canada, who was then in jail in India.

Later, when news of his criminal backgrounds made headlines, he packed his bags and moved to the US in 2022. As per the US Police, they were on a lookout for him with an interpol notice against him.

in 2023, the Canadian government ranked him on number 15 out of 25 most wanted criminals, accusing him of 50 heinous murders.

Goldy was hot in the news again when he took the responsibility of Punjabi singer, Sidhu Moosewala’s murder.

Goldy Brar Not Dead

Responding to the Indian Bugle’s query, the police confirmed that Goldy Brar is alive. ” The International media houses published the news before taking any factual confirmation from us. We have released the victim’s pictures and he is not Goldy Brar. We are clueless where did this false news come from.”

Fresno Police, California interacted with the media and said, ” On April 30, 2024, around 5:30 pm, we received the news that there was shotspotting in the Fairmont and the Holt Avenue. Upon reaching, the officers found Xavier Gladney, a 37 year old man, wounded, who was later dead. A 13-year old also suffered non-dangerous gunshot, and was present at the Avenue when Gladney was shot.”

Somehow, later, the news spread out that it was Goldy Brar who was shot and then, died. Maybe, it was confused from Gladney to Goldy, but now the truth is out!

Goldy Brar And His Connection With Salman Khan Firing Case

Salman Khan’s firing case is again trending after the news of Goldy Brar’s death made headlines, but what is his connection with it?

Well, Goldy Brar is considered the right hand of Lawrence Bishnoi, who took the responsibility of firing at Salman’s house. In an old interview, Goldy had accepted that Lawrence Bishnoi was very unhappy with Salman Khan and he needed to be taught a lesson.

As per reports, this notorious gangster also sent death threats to Indian rapper King, Honey Singh. The shocking part here is, the audacity with which this gang operates. They are unapologetic, fearless and do not shy away from taking the forefront.

Why Did Goldy Brar Kill Sidhu Moosewala?

Goldy Brar did not mince his words when he took the entire responsibility of Sidhu Moosewala’s murder. The Punjabi rap singer and Congress Politician, Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead by 6 gunmen, just a few days before his could celebrate his 29th birthday.

With not an shade of guilt and shame, Goldy called Sidhu Moosewala’s murder an act of revenge for Vicky Middukhera’s death, who was leader of students in Punjab.

He called the singer ‘highly egoistic’ and said, he deserved to die. In his words, ” Sidhu was very egoistic. He was not doing it right! It was absolutely important that he learnt a lesson, so that he could not misuse the money and power anymore.”

He added, “Bhaisahab ( Lawrence Bishnoi) is right. He is sure, Sidhu will not say sorry, he will not apologise. We’ll kill him for sure. Babaji’s mercy and his powers are with us.”

Goldy Brar is still on the flee and continues to work actively under Lawrence Bishnoi’s directions.

Jyoti Sehrawat
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