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Navratri Day 7: Bhoot-Pret Se Bachaye Maa Kalratri ke yeh mantra

15 April 2024 is Navrtari day 7. Worship Maa Kalratri to remove malefic effects of all kinds from your ruling planets and give you inner strength and fearlessness. Read how to perform Maa Kalratri Puja Vidhi, mantras and special bhog:


Jai Mata di! It is Navratri day 7, the auspicious day to worship Maa Kalratri as the 7th Swarup of Maa Durga. Chaitra Navratri, also known as Gupta Navratri is the most auspicious time of the year when you can surrender to the ultimate power and ask for her blessings.

If we talk about the different forms of Maa Durga, each swarup is unique in its own way and has the power to bless your life in different ways.

Let’s know how to worship Maa Kalratri on Navratri day 7 so that you can invite the divine powers to help you unleash your true powers:

Maa Kalratri is most fierce form of Maa Durga. She looks intensely fierce when it comes to appearance. Her looks itself evoke fear and that is why, she is known as the divine form whom every demon and evil power is afraid of.

‘Kaal Ratri’ means ‘ratri ka kaal’, or ‘the destroyer of the darkness’ which refers to all the evil forces like ghosts, spirits and negative energies.

According to Skanda Purana, Lord Shiva beseeched goddess Parvati to kill the demon king, Durgamasur. She readily accepted the proposal and sent Maa Kalratri for the task. Maa Kalratri had a bewitching beauty that lured the demon king and that was when she burnt him alive by merely her breath. She turned him and the other demons to ashes and relieved the world from Durgamasur’s atrocities.

  • Take bath and wear clean clothes;
  • The best time to worship Maa Kalratri is 11:44am to 12:11pm, which is the Abhijit muhurat;
  • Since Maa Kalratri is the goddess of ‘ratri’, her puja is mainly performed at night. Light a diya in desi ghee, add 7 cloves in it along with 7 cardamoms. Offer this to Maa Kalratri at night and light the diya outside your house’s main door.
  • Lucky color to wear on Navratri day 7 is navy blue.
  • Maa Kalratri loves Orchid flowers, so offer Orchids during the Pooja.
  • For the special bhog, offer jaggery to Maa Kalratri. Also offer feminine cosmetic items like comb, nail paint, sindoor, kajal ( kohl) and lipstick.
  • Lastly, chant the Maa Kalratri mantra 11 times, which is given above.

After you have made your offerings to the divine Maa Kalratri and chanted the mantra 11 times, finish your prayer with Maa Kalratri aarti.

Remember: It is only a mother ( Maa) which truly knows the heart of her child. Just tell Maa Kalratri all your worries and she won’t only listen with utmost patience, but also resolve each one of them. The only pre-requiste is, be honest and worship her with utmost devotion. Maa kalratri’s blessings will destroy all the darkness from your life. Jai Mata di!

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Jyoti Sehrawat
Jyoti Sehrawat
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